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interesting pics of the past and present

battle of imports where its all started

first honda to hit 10. seconds LS turbo at palmdale

1.6 sohc turbo daily driven

doing burn outs

battle of imports i found these online too lazy to scan 4x6 prints.

saw this at my friends work.

old school real mini cooper with a dohc vtec.

i think this would be the first turbo honda cvcc to hit 11s in the 90's

saw this at hin back in 07 i think its a blacktop

custom intake

DA gas cap holder on my ef

any body got that switch?

90-91 tail lights top choice

electric civic wagon

no gas tank.

nice shirts

jdm McD


jdm starion

hatch nice paint job

clean ef wagon

itr rims 5 lug

wagon with bull horn

race civic

clean DA

race civic

made by car parts

import model

internet model

I've got some of those same pics. .
That was interesting! For sure. .
I have had super street magazine since the first one that came out. IT is funny to look back on those also.. See what was hot and where it is now.  .THING HAVE CHANGED FOR SURE!

yup the first issues of super street was free. you could subscribe $6 for one year. i was in ssm when they covered battle of imports i was in the stands.

great pics !! Very Happy

thanks im trying to find pics of a ef sedan with white type R rims 5 lug still debating to convert it to a 5 lug or the accord/ prelude 4 lug bolt pattern for the itr rims.

I wanna see more of the electric wagon

here its on youtube it cost about $7,000 dollars. 12 batteries, 4wd d series tranny. removed the rear drive train for batteries to fit. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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