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Importing an 88 to US

So I have been kicking around the idea of importing a 88 sedan, since this year in the USA would make the 88 models eligible for a pretty much free pass in.

I have been trying to look for Japanese and even Euro auction sites for cool rides. Been looking at EF2 and EF5s just to see what is available.

All I can seem to find are crx and a couple of hatches on these sites. Can anyone recommend an easy to use website that would have what I am looking for? Am I better off contacting an importer on the "approved list of importers" for the US Customs(or whatever branch) and have them find me one?

Feel free to discuss this openly.

HMMMM. I can honestly say im not to sure about this process. All i can say is whan you get it you better post some pics hahah. Thread BUMP.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You don't have to limit your search to the Asian market.  I would expand it to Europe as well.

I've seen several guys post local adds on this forum from time to time.  I would work on building up a relationship with one of our out of country regulars.  That way they can keep an eye on their local listings and can go see the sedan in person before any money is exchanged.

With regards to needing a broker, I can assist you with that.  I run a branch here in Houston for an international freight forwarding company.  Import and exporting is what we do  Cool

I have tried yahoo auctions japan, ebay japan, and the first couple of pages of stuff for japan and europe used cars. It would be cool if some of the people in other regions could keep an eye out for me. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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