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import face off... gainesville Florida

Its pretty much the same as last year. Drag/show event. More info will be put out asap.

January 24 - Import Faceoff, Gainesville
Gainesville Dragstrip
Type: Drag Racing/Car Show

NOS Energy Drink's IMPORT FACE-OFF will back to Florida on Sunday, January 24th from 10am to 5pm at Gainesville Raceway. $7000+ in cash and trophies will be awarded to participants. All racers and show cars, be sure to come out, rep hard, and put North Florida on the map. Import Tuner and PAS magazine will be covering this 2nd annual event!

- Car/Truck/and Bike Show
- 1/4 Mile Drag Racing (competition or test and tune)
- Stereo Crank it up Contest (Usaci double points)
- Ladies Hot Body Contest (weather permitting)
- Burnout Contest (open to any make/model)
- Vendors, Raffles, and Giveaways
- DJs, and Models

DRAG CLASSES AND PAYOUTS (full rules on IFO website)
FWD $1200 - slicks/open exhaust/gutted OK - by SPEC clutches and flywheels
FORCED INDUCTION PRO $1000 - slicks/open exhaust/gutted OK - by Secret Services
FORCED INDUCTION SPORT $300 - full int. street cars only - by
ALL MOTOR PRO $500 - open exhaust/gutted OK - presented by Hybrid Racing
ALL MOTOR SPORT $300 - full int. street cars only - by Central Performance
OUTLAW $500 - anything goes - presented by Cobb Tuning
BRACKET $200 - any import/sport compact
TEST AND TUNE - any make/model welcome including bikes and domestics

Spectator $15 with flier (reg $17) ok to print flier below off computer
Test and Tune Racer $25 (open to any make/model)
Competition Racer $25 (imports/sport compacts only)
Car show entry $25


here is the list of the people leaving from jax to head over there.

1. Yougene(eg hatch). (showing/racing), meeting orange park
2. Juan (rsx). (chilling/watching). West side
3. Gettin_it (eg hatch) (Showing/Racing), Don't matter where we meet as long as its early
4. br@n (gsr 3 door) (chilling/watching), Southside
5. Gray Fox ( ep3 ) (watching), Westside. Beaver st. to 301 S
6. JaxFl'sH22&B16 (Racing)
7. phantomeg (showing)
8. 89civicracer (showing), Downtown, but will meet anywhere..
9. EMO FTL (watching) Southside
10. HOndaKidd (watching) southside
11. Thundercat(showing) anywhere
12. LSbeast-t (watching) wherever the most people are meeting
13. johnnyvtec (racing) 20 min from track meet you all there
14. hondaboy (chilling/watching) southside...
15. jax00civic (Showing) dont know what car but showing. lol
16. G NA$TY (racing) op
17. the witless wonder (watching)
18. Marco (racing) yes i said it. the ka will do work or die!! most likely the latter....
(904) 405 7879
19. redline88--(MACH1)--RACING--will meet in orange park/argyle westside area..
20. Seelback1 (racing, if car is ready) heading straight there

Roll out was nice.. There were about 20 or so cars leaving from Jax...
Turnout was good also.. it exceeded the parking lot... so there was overflow and lots of nice cars...

That was the first time i have ever been...


There were a lot of nice cars.. especially from Sunworks!

There was also a superchared wagon which i fell in love with..
The guy wanted all my parts.. i wanted his wagon....
More pics coming soon....

First time i saw a four door at a show... Also saw two EE2's.. LOVED IT!!!!!

If only your hood wasn't popped, would've been a good pic!

That s2k is so badass.

nice pics.

my favorite pic..


mine tooo. anymore?

Of her.. not really.. I hope she is at the next show i go to....
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