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What up Sedan family???

So as you all know ive been gone for about a month if not longer. Was trying to sell the sedan and just felt like i was done completely! But i was WRONG lol. The sedan fever will forever be with me, therefore im back and at full force! Had to take a little time away i guess. Anyways i would like to apologize to the mods and admins for having such a presence and then leaving. Im here now and ready to get back to helping better the site in any way i can. I will be cleaning up the write up section as well so if anyone has a hidden treasure tha no one really knows of, please message me with the name so we can review it for sticky! you guys are all like my brothers and i have never been apart of a community as such! Take care everyone and please feel free to keep the questions coming about the sedans. No such thing as a stupid question!!!

Later guys,


bout damn time lol

Lol I agree, but you have no roo. To talk mister Internet gamer!!! Haha  Laughing

lol ya i know but another motor swap coming very soon in my build Very Happy an new rear lca's an camber kit

I have come to the same conclusion!!!!!! Very Happy  I left this site and didn't really care! Shocked TOO busy with school starting, my POS truck, and my 16th birthday coming up on September 13. BUT today as we were driving down the interstate I heard a distinctive sound, and turn my head to see a EF sedan with a JDM front end.....and GOD said "let thy love Hondas!" Shocked  And now im back because I cant stop thinking of that beautiful white sedan! Very Happy  Laughing Forever in love with EF sedans!!!!!!!! Laughing  Cool

Welcome back. Smile

Thank you sir^^.  

Don't you just love how that works sometimes tank?

Yeah! its like a higher power wants you here, but that's just the car gods smiling upon you! Laughing I'm glad to see the trio is back on....well at least me and you.....kevin is...well.....KEVIN! Laughing Almost forgot to say welcome back, good to have ya here man! Very Happy

Thanks for the love my brothas! And yes. The trio is back, Kevin is here to!!! Haha Forum Index -> General Discussion
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