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I need to vent and I feel safe here.

Idk guys I'm in need of some advice or just need to vent. I'm not sure. I have kinda screwed myself over the years. I had some heavy shit go down when I was 18 and have been stuck there for years. My 25th bday was this last Monday, the 18th. I still love at home because I've never really been able to get work. I know the economy is bad but not really an excuse. I finally started college as a hs diploma doesn't cut it. I'm not a lazy dude. I'm getting fantastic grades. They want me as a math tutor haha. Never thought I had it in me. Just as painful is the fights with my gf of 2.5 years. We have that spark. But my spinning wheels are leaving her wishing id do more. She's the love of my life. She feels the same, but I understand there's only si much a person can take. I just don't know what to do to save my sorry ass and my dream woman. Its hard to admit these things as I'm trying to hold my head up but   I know its not cutting it. I don't expect Dr. Phil or anything. I'm not after pity. I just need to know how to climb out of this hold and stand on my own two feet. Sorry for the rant guys. Just had a bad fight. And my girl is really the only person I have, but I found some friends here. So I opened up. If you have some good advice I'm all ears. Thanks for listening.

Not sure of your situation.. but sometimes it is good to get the hell out of dodge and start somewhere new.. I relocated my ass for the change of scenery and for a better job. It's sometimes hard not to be near or around family. My girl came with me and we pretty much started our own life... made new friends and stuff like that.

Maybe you just need a change in scenery and to get out of a rut?
It's a leap of faith, you just need to be ready to take whatever comes at ya.

Glood Luck homie! Wink

I know this is going to be hard to read, but maybe she isn't the love of your life and instead you are forcing a relationship that shouldn't be. 2.5years isn't a very long time and although it might not seem like it to you, but people can also grow apart and change.
The hardest part is that sometimes, the more you get to know someone the less compatible you might be. I'm not trying to tell you to leave or stay, just to consider that maybe things were never meant to be.

You will never be completely alone, you will always have someone in your life. Whether it be a friend, family or partner. I know things are hard right now and it sounds like maybe you need a break to clear your head. I find the easiest way to solve a problem is to stand back and see it from another perspective.

Smile  I'm glad I had time to sleep on it a bit haha. I think more than anything I do need a change of scenery. I love I'm bfe and jobs are next to none out here. Shit I feel retarded for posting

Retarded??? My friend, we are all human. It is natural to need to talk to someone. We dont mind being the "someone." Now, i went through the exact same thing. I was 18, living on my frineds couches till i was 20, had a GF of 3 years who is 3 years older than me and expecting alot. I had no real job no car and all i wanted to do was hang with my friends. All i can say i did was get my priorities staight and find a decent career. Moving would probably be the best thing for you but who am i to say. My advice to you would be to find out what you love doing (that involves making money of course) and get that going. I went from working retail to working in the communications industry and everything is paying out. Just analyze your situation with an open mind and go from there. But FIRST you need a plan of action. Set some goals, some achievments. i have some words of wisedom for you "A business without a plan, is a plan to fail." Hope this helps at all brotha and keep your head up.

Thanks man that does help. I'm working on my associates of technology degree in diesel and heavy machinery tech. I just gotta find something to get my though  school

hate to say it but mcdonalds is a start lol. i started there and it got me by when i was in school.

Haha they have my app and might get it again soon. I'm no longer too proud for anything and I like the way it feels. Everything us smooth sailing now. I'm glad my gf chews my ass sometimes. I need to hear the harsh truth to light a fire under my ass. You guys are damn cool for listening and not judging. The whole reason I'm here is because of the car I bought to help me expand my range and move on Smile. I hope one day I can meet some of you guys and but you a beer haha

I feel the same way, especially about the beer. And who are we to judge. Im sure some are going through much tougher times. Feel free to text me bro, I know im like 1500 miles away but i can do my best to help with anything i can.

Haha thanks man Smile

Could be worse... I have two associates a bachelors and recently enrolled back in school... I feel I should be more ahead but it could always be worse... just be thankful for what you have cause some people have nothing... as an individual you always want more but in the end its up to you to achieve what you want

Man that is so true. I could be homeless other with family and a woman who just don't care. But they love me and want me to be the best I can. Seeing everybodys idea and thoughts has helped me see things in a positive light. it is the depression brought upon me by my btoken sedan lol

jmanwantsboost wrote:
it is the depression brought upon me by my btoken sedan lol

if that's the case I'm always depressed... what's even more depressing just got home from work... it was a pink concert and we sold 271000 in merchandise... the pay I get compared to that total is depressing
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Like others have said, there's no need to be sorry for venting.  Hopefully you can put a plan in place and then set it in motion.  I don't know your exact situation, but I know what it's like to be in BFE with what seems like no way out.  My father in law sat me down when I was 19 and made me type up a 5 year plan.  Did I stick to and accomplish everything on the list or in those 5 years?  Hell no, but it made me focus.  Hope you find your way dude.

I'm sorting it out. Piece by piece. When my car is fixed, then I'm gonna job hunt like none other. And keep my grades up. I will move to Seattle thus summer with my girl if she stays in the state. She applied for some research things and I'm proud of her haha. She's a chemistry major. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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