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I'm back!

My goodness it feels good to be back on the site looking at some sick cars by good people who share my same love! Well i don't know how many people saw my thread of my cars progress but im here to update it! Here's a link to my old thread! take a look through before seeing what new i've done!

Now that you've checked it out here are a few pictures of whats happened over the last year and a half!

The new heart and some work! Basically i tore the car to a shell for paint! tucked my bay up a little bit and did some other work around the car! Here are some pictures!

Old tank out new one to go in!

Bye bye drums!

Function 7's and the discs!

Sneek of the bay.

WireWorx Mil. Spec. harness.

Innovative traction bar.

New header.

New wheel set up. 16x9 real schmidt Th Lines.

Time to go in.

The ehh bay.

Hasport hydro to cable conversion.

In with the force



Stupid meaty tires!

Since the last photo the meaty tires have eaten both fenders and the pressure plate is toast. So now she's back in the garage for this winters upgrades! I'll keep this updated.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff dude, minus the perks of being dumped. The sedan is looking good though  Cool

Lookin super clean man welcome back.

Awesome work.

thanks guys! as progress goes this winter i will keep photos coming!

Any more pics of the harness connected to the firewall?

Love it!

surprised you're riding around that low with that Innovative front crossmember.

love everything about it.

what header is that?? i like ur build man keep it up

89CivicSi wrote:
what header is that??

Looks like a Bisi

I actually installed meatier tires and lifted cause i kept hitting the traction bar. it's a PLM bisi rep header. i couldnt bring myself to shell out the extra 400 for the real bisi. thanks for the love guys. i at the moment dont have anymore pics of that but im gonna be pulling the motor next week or so ill take a few then. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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