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i luh da kids

what's good peoples?

picked up a ee(?) for the low low low.
its a chicago car, but its cobalt blue pearl a good amount of rust on the rear panels so im gonna need to fix that.

Bought it at 238k miles, its at 246k now. It's my daily, and was purchased to haul my daughter around.

In the span of four months i've gotten free coilovers (traded for stock suspension), bought some old wheels back from a buddy of mine (lost the FUCCING caps and collars though), and just now came across some barrels for the low. Didnt want to go passed $1000 on this build but here goes nothing.

threw some 17s on from another one of my cars, for shits and giggles.

i've had these wheels basically for 6 years and they are finally going to look DECENT. If anybody know work ewing and ssr along with all the other companies that make original fins..the offsets and widths are horrible for 4 lug.

Looks good I like the color

Welcome looks like you're off to a good start.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Very rare color.

Thanks guys,  I'm kind of a wheel hoarder and I just knew that I'd get my hands on my holy grail of cars eventually. I did! Even better than I thought since its this colo . Just how rare we talking??
EF Sedan Enthusiast

In the US market it would be your blue and almond cream as the top two most rare colors for our sedans.

Good start! I love that color, it is rare to see one so mint.


Didnt expect to sell it but cant say no to $1600, plus I'm keeping the SSR Reverse & Aproma Fins.

I really have to think about my child, so my hyundai won.
- boosted
- "stanced"
- tinted
- 10 airbags
- child seat anchors
- XM radio lol

So i am closing this chapter. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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