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EF Sedan Enthusiast


Great job man! I love the new layout, very nice!!!

i really have to agree. i checked in just now and was like "omg like whoa." amazing!!

its definitly a step up

Thanks guys. I've been busy with some things recently and since things were still new I figured it would be best to leave it as is for a while...

I've finaly been able to do this though. Smile

I wanted to have a nice banner on the old site but that host site was total crap. I will try to keep things constantly updated even though I'm playing the EG came now.

Perhaps we can have a contest every 2 weeks to pick a new car for the banner... If anyone has any other ideas to help this site grow please let me know.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You and your egg now Wink long as you don't forget about us. I like the idea of choosing a different banner every other week or so. Great one to start with though! Actualy now that I think about it I would have started with Vince's IMO.

I wont forget you guys. I used to want an egg before I got my sedan but I still love the ef sedan. My egg is pretty damn fun but I'm not going to forget. Smile

I'm not a fan of his car. Its not bad but not my thing.

Also, I didnt have any good pics of it. It seems like most of my shots of sedans are from the wrong angle.

We can start a bi-weekly contest to pick a new car for the banner. Some one make a new thread for this. People will post a pick and tell a little about it and we will vote on it.
Mr. smith

it looks like the old one Very Happy

Sitre looks great. . i have not been on in a few weeks. . but it is looking great!! Rock on!!!

Very Happy sites awesome and the lyout is great!!

i like the site alot Forum Index -> Site News
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