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i have a d15b2 dpfi and i wanna turbo it and get around 300.

ok i have a 1989 honda civic lx 4 door and i have the stock d15b2 dpfi and i wanna buld it up and spank ppl. ppl talk so much crap to me dont waste your time or money but im shur this motor has potential. i know i gotta do a mpfi swap mite get a whole y8 head but internal wise to hold some nice boost down i wanna get around 300 horse in this car. with this motor. and idk any website that i could find any internals to build this motor up to atleast hold some nice boost down but i wanna build up the motor first internals and stuff. any help will be greatly appreciated

your better off yanking off that engine and just go with a D16y8 and of course your gonna have to rewire it for mpfi. turbo wise i seen some dudes with a t3 t4 turbo but you gotta have internal work like rods and crank and pistons and all that stuff and u can get 300 horses out of it.

check out bisimoto's build of the single cam. he's making 650-700 hp in his.
just search on some sites, and find what you need for high hp.

but its just gonna become a money pit. you'd have to get new rods, pistons, possibly sleeve the block, clearancing?, better valvetrain, ported/polished head/ bigger intake manifold, header/turbo manifold, big ol' intercooler, big turbo, lots of tuning. but then you'd have to upgrade the clutch/flywheel at the very least.

but good luck on that. put up a build thread if you decide to do this.  Very Happy Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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