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hows to get rid of amber lines on 90-91 reverse lights

hows to get rid of amber lines on 90-91 reverse lights!
take out all the screws on the rear center everything connected to it.
turn on the oven to about 250 degrees leave in there about  min with the door open.  pulll it out with a screw driver pry it , switch around pry it out keep doing this be care not to crack it or burn it. as you open it you can push out that reverse light amber line reflector. you can sand it down or filp it backwards. i sand it down i got lazy and didnt polish it.


thats with the reflector clear.

thats without the reflector ( euro clear ) if you like it like that dont have to open it just take out the reverse lights and crack it its faster that way its up to you.

thats with the amber lines you can see

without the amber lines

with out the lines it looks more clean
btw put it back together. put it back in the oven or use a heat gun just be care not to melt it or warp it. reseal it with that clear window seal. screw back all the screws thats about it. sounds ghetto but it works.

i think i was the first in the squad to post pics of this trick but never made a diy so i guess props to you lol

i m pretty sure some one did it before i did. did you sand it out, filp it, or paint it or, use paint thiner to get rid of the orange lines? i wish they had the clear center tail lights for the 90-91's. i seen some custom tail lights red and clear 90-91 tails lights i think it was home depo lens that were cut and  shaped to fit then sprayed red. if i ever get bored gonna make my own clear tails lights lolz. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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