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How to join the EFSedanSquad!

We're going to be trialling a new way of getting members into the squad.

1) Post in this thread with a picture of your 87-91 Civic sedan with a bit about yourself.

2) There will be a waiting period to see if you remain active.

3) Once you've shown that you're a valued member, you will be let into the squad, receive a squad number and be put onto the squad list.

Only post in this thread if you would like to be a member. This thread will be kept clean (old posts deleted, members who have already been let in will be deleted, cars that don't get in - deleted). That way it will be clear who is yet to be let in.

Here is the current member list of EFSS members:

Here is a link to purchase squad stickers once you've been let in.

Thanks, and good luck!


would like to get in
i have a 89 dx thats been mpfi swap lowed on kyb shocks and  H&R Race Springs and front CAMBER KIT will be buying a jdm front and some rims so and geting the body work and paint done and more to come  will have rims this weekend


Lookin to be part of this squad!  Very Happy
have an 88 Sedan, have stock dual point, added some bmw rims, yakima basket roof rack, some fogs (will replace with prelude ones), side markers, lower lip, and amber corners!
well here she is!


i'm luis from Puerto Rico. here is my ef sedan 1990
currently it has a H2B swap using an integra LS trans (for now)
it has custom 3" exhaust with 3" Magnaflow muffler
koni coilovers
integra front brakes
ep3 rear disc brakes
jetta 3 edm front lip
2 sets of wheels
enkei rp01 16" wrapped in hankook rs2 tires
enkei rpf1 15" wrapped in toyo r888 tires

feel free to comment!


hey, my names josh from canada. I would love to rep ef sedan squad, only guy in my area that has love for the sedan that is currently rocking one. My setup now is a boosted z6 h&r springs koni yellows, full 3 inch with small resinator/muffler, made 340whp to much to list but more should be coming up soon.

older pic will have better pics as soon as i get her out of the garage

Hey guys n gals. Names Andrew, looking to represent the EF Sedan Squad in the land down under (Australia). Recently bought my EF D15B4, polished carbs, rejetted, matched and polished intake manifold.
Planning D15B Vtec, port n polish, tuned extractors and investigating how i can blow it using carbs......The ultimate sleeper. Cheers


i know im new but i want in lol

im jared, form the uk currently rolling in a 1990 GL


D2 coilovers
"14 BBS
soon to be fitted buddyclub spec 3 with decat(picked up today)
4 branch manifold
front upper and rear upper struts
advanced dizzy
bike filters
modified carbs


my name is tovi im 15 and this is the link to my sedan build and i would really like to join the squad haha

Hi my names Richard, 29 years old,  from South Africa.
Heres a pic of my 90 Civic Sedan 4dr

Mods still to come....


my name is devin harris
i live in tacoma washington
im 24 years old
i build cell phone towers for a living

my car is a 1991 civic ex 4 door
mods are lowered on tokicko blues with coilovers
d16z6 engine 5 speed spc camber kit fit wheels
window visors vr6 front lip oem hood bra
full exhaust and cold air intake alot more to come


hi my name is luis
im 22 yrs old
i live in fl, deltona
and i work  in the hospital in daytona

i have a honda civic 1991 ef 4dr with some upgrades, motor swap
new speakers, radio and much more
got the car in 2009 for $150.00 from an old guy lol
fixed it and it looks great.. im interested in being part of the squad





My name is Eddie and I'm from Newark, NJ. I drive a 1991 Ex.
Mods list:
Stock motor with DC Sport headers and Greedy Thrust exhaust
Tokicko Illuminas with Ground Control coilovers
OEM Hood Bra
OEM Door Visors (not on yet)
2000 Si wheel
VW Jetta front lip (forgot what year)
8000k HID's


Let me Join the squad :)

Hey guys/gals the name is Alamex
I have a 1990 Honda Civic sedan stock besides lowered on coilovers and the 16' rims Smile
Im on another forum Houston-imports under the SN of Alamexico90
and ill be ordering a sticker soon and customizing it with my squad number on there also Smile
Heres some pics lmk what yall think


So when am I going to become a official EF Sedan Squad member? Im ready to rep yall Smile

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Don't worry, you all are not going unnoticed.

my 90 dx

wat up my name is terence im from new york but i live in hanover pa now i have a 90 dx all i have done is a 2.25 full exhaust done


Im ben from VA im 19 and drive a 1991 dx this is the third motor in it to date omni power coils all the way down golf lip some terrible 16s on it that i hate soon to be bottle caps tho bout time i tried to join since i have been into sedans since i went with my bro over to efsedanenthusiasts house and saw his car b4 the accident lol but been in love ever since



hi my name is misael and i have an 89 ef sedan and im lookin to join the ef sedan squad....i love the look of the sedan and all the possibilities heres mine comments are welcome the begining:

i painted it myself
its still stock dual point and it was an auto when i first bought it but it has the 5 speed swap now

Hi my name is Chris, but everyone calls me Sancho. I'm 19 and reside in Nor Cal in between Sac and Reno. Like some of you know this is my second try at the whole ef sedan game(the last one got cut up because i couldn't get the title).
My car is a 1990 dx, and the shell has about 127k miles on it. I bought it as a shell from my buddy and then swapped a very low mileage B18A1 in it. For the time being it is all stock but in the future I will be boosting on her!
The p.o. lowered it on obx adjustable coilovers w/stock struts. I have done a few other things like install hx rims, wink mirror, gti shiftknob, momo wheel w/hkb hub, honda horn button and tinted the back windows. As far as i.c.e. goes I have a jvc headunit and sony four way 6.5's all around. The car is wired for an amp and sub, but I still need to purchase them both.
I forgot to mention that I have what I believe to be innovative shift linkage and  traction bar.
In the future I plan on doing some sort of lip kit, a suede headliner, boost the ls, possibly get a jdm b16 cable tranny.
I would love to rep the EF SEDAN SQUAD, and I would with pride!


Stealth_Sleeper wrote:
Hey guys n gals. Names Andrew, looking to represent the EF Sedan Squad in the land down under (Australia). Recently bought my EF D15B4, polished carbs, rejetted, matched and polished intake manifold.
Planning D15B Vtec, port n polish, tuned extractors and investigating how i can blow it using carbs......The ultimate sleeper. Cheers

Hey folks. I did go a little AWOL. the little EF copped a nice thump from some anonymous twit in a servo, so i was debating keeping the little fella or give it up for a bulldozer so i could get some revenge.

Still keen to be in the squad representing south OZ. I promise to stay active.


looking to join the squad. I got a 91 lx sedan its got da rear disc conversion front and rear. single cam zc motor swap out the the blue interior for some gray. I still need a few things to finish it like seats and a couple door pieces.


hi my names jesse i live in a lil town outside of spokane.WA this is my second honda things iv done to it are da lip on it- hx wheels-  nvidia/custom full exaust(tryed to make it look stock) i bought this car for $120 bucks a few weeks ago and im not even over 600 bucks in stuff yet i also bought teain ss tech springs but right now im to pansy to install them on the stock struts would rather wait to buy nice shocks lol Cool

this place seems pretty cool if you ask me would love to rep get to know the yokals so to say lol

Hmmm wondering if im being prejudiced cos im an Aussie.......
Trying to stay active on the site..

Stealth_Sleeper wrote:
Hmmm wondering if im being prejudiced cos im an Aussie.......

So am i............. 10 posts since december last year......

was that a dig sp33? you are already a squad member and site admin.

Im just trying to extend the squad to south oz, but unfortunately to keep my project alive i have to work for a living. I dont have the luxury of being able to provide 30 posts a day to show how much i have achieved in a day. i also have to use the beast as a daily driver...... i dont have a spare car or workshop.

Like i stated in my project log, it aint gonna be an overnight rags to riches style sedan.

i have the utmost respect for those that have done extensive work and the incredible amount of knowledge that is being provided.

I guess now i have blown my chances by having a little rant.
And probably get booted from the site......

Well as a famous aussie once said ".....such is life"

If i do get considered one day, then i shall wear it with pride.

Stealth_Sleeper wrote:
was that a dig sp33? you are already a squad member and site admin.

Im just trying to extend the squad to south oz, but unfortunately to keep my project alive i have to work for a living. I dont have the luxury of being able to provide 30 posts a day to show how much i have achieved in a day. i also have to use the beast as a daily driver...... i dont have a spare car or workshop.

Like i stated in my project log, it aint gonna be an overnight rags to riches style sedan.

i have the utmost respect for those that have done extensive work and the incredible amount of knowledge that is being provided.

I guess now i have blown my chances by having a little rant.
And probably get booted from the site......

Well as a famous aussie once said ".....such is life"

If i do get considered one day, then i shall wear it with pride.

I'm just sick of making the effort to let someone in, and then never hearing from them again.

Tight nip community>thousands of inactive members.

I worked full time and daily'd my sedan for years, i understand. However I don't really want to be letting in everyone and their stock sedans.

I was talking to the other squad leaders and we all were happy with cutting down the number of members to make a solid squad base.

By all means, hang around, post updates when you can. If you've been around for a while and aren't just going to sell your sedan when you can afford something else, i'll let you in.

I would like to be in.
Hello my name is walker i live in lincoln nebraska.
I have always loved four doors. My first honda was an eg sedan, and now three cars later i own an ef sedan. I found the cleanest one that ive seen in lincoln and got it. Im very happy with my newest addition to the family. I will soon be attending an auto school and will be completely redoing just about everything on this car. Ill be sure to post up pictures of progress.


hey whats up sp33 i've posted on the h-t thread but i figured that ill try my chances here also to show that i'm motivated to join to squad. My baby is a 90 dx thats Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat. She's Spotless not a single drop of rust on her. I've already got wagon sideskirts,skunk2 coil sleeves,Apexi N1 catback, Si Lip, and Ef Optional audio console to be put on when the snow permits me.

Plans for when the weather warms up:
1st Gen Teg Lip
Thule Rack
Rota Track Wheels
New tokico blues
5 Speed Swap
and D16A1 Swap

Thanks i'm on here and h-t everyday but dont always post but ill start posting more to get on thanks here she is

Sorry For The Large Photos

Woop Wooop I want in!


My name is Patrick
I'm 20
I live in Wilmington, North Carolina
I've had plenty of cars in my day so I bought this to try out something new, I've always had a thing for Hondas. But it kills me to see one with a huge spoiler, 23s and a massive angles can on the back. Ive made my mark on the Jeep/Truck/Volkswagen Scene and this car will be on exception to the rest.

My new love:

Old Love:

My Permanent Love:

And I'm the douche with the holes

I'm not a flaker. I'm a member of many other forums. Knowledge is the key too life and I can never get enough.

I would like to join the sedan squad.

My name is Joe, Im from Milwaukee WI. I have owned my sedan for 4 years now. I bought it bone stock from a Honda dealer...payed way too much but I couldnt pass it up.

B16 ..came out of my 2000 si that I totalled
ITR cams
ITR valve springs
Multi angle valve job
ITR intake manifold
rc 310 injectors
edlebrock header
Invidia n1 exhaust
168 whp n/a tuned on hondata s100

exedy 8.5 lbs flywheel
exedy stage 2 clutch
obx lsd
hasport shift linkage and motor mounts
buddy club short shifter

completely gutted and painted gold
removable steering wheel
Buddy club p1 limited seat
g-force 5 point harness

vw jetta aftermarket deep front lip
vis carbon hood
red pin striping
painter checkerboard roof(semi-gloss black and flat black)
Integra ls mesh wheels painted black with red lip

rear disc conversion with ebc slotted rotors
stainless brake lines with motul fluid
full camber kit
omni power coilovers

soon to happen-
mugen hard bushings
front and rear sway bars
integar brake booster and master cylinder
tien type ss coilovers
falken rt-615's

old pic

another oldy


My name is brain but my friends call me Ruck i have a 89 ef lx sedan and i plan on h22 turbo and buying another ef to do a j swap one day.

alarm guru

sup, my names will from Virginia but now reside in Pensacola,FL. i bought my 91 lx sedan as a means to get to and from school since i sold my b16 turbo eg sedan when i left VA. as of right now im building my car up. ive already converted it to 5 speed and now the d15 is knocking badly, i already have a b20 and a b16 tranny. next week ill be getting my linkage, halfshaft,axles, flywheel, new shocks and lowering springs and next month im going to boost the b20.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sounds like some good plans.  Stay active on here (or H-T in the EFSS thread) and we'll let you know.
alarm guru

my name on honda tech is Accordin 2 Me, been a member since like 03 i think
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice, have you seen the squad's thread on there?
alarm guru

yea i never really posted on it tho. i guess ill do that now

hey my name oscar. I'm from LA, currently rocking 13" vx wheels lowered on skunk2 coilers motor is bone stock. looking to do a mpfi swap, rear disc conversion, new wheels.would love to rock the forum sticker in LA!

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Don't worry, you're on the radar.  Mighty clean sedan you have there.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Don't worry, you're on the radar.  Mighty clean sedan you have there.

Thanks man...Is there any way to get the sticker bigger?

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Or shall we say, not yet.  Not saying it's in the works but anything could happen.

dope....I think they would look dope a bit bigger.

HEY ALL the names Robbie am only getting in2 the sedan scence recently (hav car near 2 years)
only found site thanks to C-REX
Anyways here my car lots of plans for it (most are bigger than me wallet) ha
its a jap ef3 si
so far iv taken out the dohc si and am doing b16a vtec swap
(phone pics sori) il post sum better ones when find me cam!
would love to be squad member as it already has become a full blown addiction (am bit ocd)


I would like to join the squad
i Ride in a 91 civic, been in the EF game for 5years, Car drop on skunk2 suspension have si wheels thaanks hope to join in

Putt Putt

Hello my name is Chris
Representing San Diego ,California
i am 24 yrs old

I got my Civic EF 4door aka Putt Putt from one of my Best friends. We drove this car from Cali to Settle,and i drove the car back by myself.

So for it's stock. but has JDM Amber Corner and Signal Light, Panasonic Deck, Muds flaps.

Before the can be came mine

Back for settle i started working on cleaninmg the headlights. you can obviously can tell which side was cleaner.

Athe same type when i had the bumper i took a 89 integra from lip and retro fitted and came out clean.

Currently awaiting on Springs
alarm guru

When do we know when were in? I woild like to be.#269

I am Jon, 22 years old in Northeast Louisiana (Monroe/Bastrop/Ruston)
Got the almond 88
I drive it down the road, because I am hardcore sedan enthusiast.

Its got sweet wheels on it. That you don't have.

You've also got the sweet HF cluster that noone wants, lol  Laughing

Whats up guys I'm Loring born and raised in Mons, Belgium but i am currently in Atlanta, GA. I traded my EF hatch for a sedan about 3 weeks ago and i can honestly say this is my favorite honda! outside it has a nice paint job and its lowered on tokico blues and skunk2 coilovers. And i have these 16" Vsr's. Here are some pics... noob






Uploaded with[/img] Very Happy

ok im down. lol.
my names Aaron, live in Sacramento, CA, originally from Buckley/Olympia/Yelm, WA. Im new to hondas, love my EF, and do my own thing with it.

89 Civic Sedan LX, Power Everything, AutoFail.
Nothing fancy, just rotas, cut integra springs up front, cheesy sleeve overs [also cut] in the rear, Volvo lip modified, O'rielly mud flaps and fog lights, and a fancy radiator leak. lol.

and me ;]


I would like to join the squad. My name is Andrew and i am from California. I just recently found this forum but i have a lot of knowledge and like to contribute to a forum specific to what I drive. I had a 1988 Civic Hatch that I built for three years when I could get money for parts. That car was totaled five months ago so I decided to part with the hatches and try something new with a sedan. I dont ever plan on selling this car but i think eventually I will by another hatch. I have owned my new sedan for about four months. I bought the car bone stock it is a 1990 DX. I have been busy with it for the last four months swapping over all the parts from my hatch to this car.

Now onto the mods: Lowered on KYB struts and skunk2 lowering springs, 90-93 Integra front and rear sway bars, extended top hats, 90-93 integra Tanabe Concept cat back, No name GSR long tube header, JDM B18B, Onsoku adjustable cam gears, DPFI to MPFI conversion, obd1 injectors and intake manifold, JDM B16A Y1 transmission with ls 5th gear, and rear disc conversion. Future mods: 14" BMW Bottlecap rims (just have to finish polishing and painting two of them), obd0 to obd1 conversion, and eventually turbo.

Enough of me talking lets get to the pictures:

Bone Stock:

Four Months Later:

These rims will go on it when I get the other two finished:

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice, stay active on here and we'll let you know.
EFfin Sedan 91

I wanna join!

Joined this site earlier today and H-T about 5 minutes ago. I posted in the Intro section but I'll post here too. My name is Emerson I'm 19 and from Salt Lake, Utah. I bought My Sedan at the beginning of this month and have been loving every minute of it!

It's all stock right now but it wont be for too much longer Wink

Ordered an exhaust, because mine wont pass inspection and I'm hoping to pick up some rims and do some suspension mods till summer when I can do a swap.

Found this page from Honda-tech. I am actually an active user on, and I usually use Honda-tech as more of a resource page.

I recently picked up the sedan because from a friend who no longer drove it. It was sad to see it just sitting there wasting away. I am a big fan of older boxy shaped cars so I have always liked the 88-91 model years. I previously had a 88 CFRX SI.

Not a lot of info on the car, I have owned it 3 weeks, it leaks from everywhere and needs a ton of work. However, the outside appearance is not to bad. Jsut need to paint the hood.

1989 Civic Sedan LX
126,470 miles
Automatic D15b2
Power everything + A/C

Nice to see a dedicated forum to the car. I dont plan on making it a race car by any means. Just something clean, safe and fun to drive my niece and nephew around in.

Hey, like to be a member of a squad. So my name is Skirmantas (hard to say)  Laughing  I`m 20 years old, from Lithuania. This sedan is 6th in my short life. Jobs done so far:
KYB shocks
Restored brake system
Waiting for summer Ronal R8 wheels
Some photos of my car :


Hey guys. Been on here for a little while and finally decided to make a post for the squad.
My name is Luis. I am 23 and live in the pacific northwest.
Current ride: 88 LX
5 speed D15B2 stock with 2.25" exhaust with traditional turbo muffler and 18 inch resonator.
Waiting for tax returns to pick up a set of white Rota Track R.
Windows getting tinted next week.


hey wanting to join the squad names Armando im 17 from toppenish bout to have a kid but always make time for my sedan currently work in jack in the box so dont make that much money but still have money for the sedan tell me wat u think

spoon front lip
soon to be z6 vatara turbo
window visors skunk 2 coils
black rota slipstreams
bmw m3 replica wing
rusting hood many more stuff planned and coming soon Very Happy


jon_akers wrote:
I am Jon, 22 years old in Northeast Louisiana (Monroe/Bastrop/Ruston)
Got the almond 88
I drive it down the road, because I am hardcore sedan enthusiast.

Bumping myself to show that I am here for good. Learned a lot over the past 8 months of being a member here. Looking for my varsity #!!!!

Hey I want to join the Squad!
My name is Alex, I'm bout to be 21 years old in less 2 weeks.
Soon to be a father also and I can't wait aha.
I work at a movie theatre and money is going to be tight but I always love to work on my 4door.
So when i first bought my 91 dx it was completely stock which i was happy with cause i could make it how i wanted it but the motor was bad from the beginning so i knew a swap would be coming soon.
so far what i've done is:

NRG quick release set up
GSR Center Console
Interior Clock (Going to make amber soon)
GSR Spoiler (Going to swap out for a 91 prelude 4 legged spoiler)
Swapped the D15b2 for 96-00 D15B non-vtec
6000k HID Kit

and planning on putting on a lip, wagovan sideskirts, replace my civic center garnish (mines broken in the middle), MPFI swap, GSR seats, GSR gauge cluster, and more down the line a b18a1 swap.

here's how she's sitting now though and can't wait to get my list done.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

The best piece of advice I can give to prospects of the squad; stay active and keep up the good work.  Sticking with your build is the best thing possible.

Awesome. As long as im on the radar. I am anxious to earn those digits!

My name is Bertrand. I am 20 years old, I turn 21 in early September. I am the Assistant Manager at Earthbound Trading Company. I have just jumped into the car enthusiast game and I am having a blast learning about it all.
I have an '88 EF Civic Sedan. It is my Daily/Project Car.
My car is still practically stock. The two things that have changed on it is the exhaust (The original fell off) and the springs have been cut (Previous Owner.) As I said, it is my Daily/Project, so I do have plans of modifying it. I am starting with the suspension (It is in terrible need of some new ones), I plan on getting coil overs, and lowering it to about three inches off the ground. Then my next goal is to replace the engine. Right now it has a D15B2 sitting in it. I am not entirely to sure as to what I want to replace it with, but more than likely it will be a B16. (Also changing it from an automatic to a manual) The third goal for it is a complete over haul on the exterior. It was originally silver, but with age it has faded to around three different colors. I most likely will redo the silver. Then the fourth stage will be new rims and tires. I am currently interested in something that is five spoked and bronze (Dark Bronze.) Then the fifth and final goal will be to redo all of the interior. The carpet is pulling back at all of the corners.
This is my first Project Car, and I plan on having fun.
I have a handful of ideas for this car so everything in the paragraph above just might not happen. As I look around at what other people have done, I get more ideas as to what I can do. And due to the fact that money just is not flying my direction, this build will actually be a slow one.

My car.

Hey sedaner's this is my baby (91 ED3).  I am in southern california, and I have a very demanding job in the military.  I work in 3 month intervals, sometimes I have time off in between.  So I will try to be as active as possible, but sometimes you may not see me for a while.  I definitely love my EF.


i want in.

Hey guys my names Weston i live in deltona florida. Im 20 yrs old and i work at Chase in credit card services. I have a 1990 ef sedan with 92xxx original miles and a few addons. She is going to change alot this year but here is a few pics of her currently. I wanna rep the squad and look good doing it  Razz.....

I polished my rims by hand lmfao.


90 ef sedan

Would like to be a part of the squad but also Snyder mind waiting because I want my Ef clean n ready loll just got it so working on add some mods next check n some nice visors lip diffusers n ect.. Very Happy

i still don't have a number. maybe someday..

#dyingalittleinside .. lol

Sign me up!

88 LX
ESP Mounts
16" XXR 521's
F&F Type 2's
3" Exhaust
etc etc....


welcome u got a very nice sedan  Smile

Thanks! Im trying, ive still got a bunch to do... Weld in the rear patch panels I have, bodywork, paint, tint, etc etc....

Does it ever stop!??

88EFH22 wrote:
Thanks! Im trying, ive still got a bunch to do... Weld in the rear patch panels I have, bodywork, paint, tint, etc etc....

Does it ever stop!??

Nope never. Very Happy

lurk here quite a bit  and post every once in a while.. same thing with most of my time is spent on h-t (and most of that in gdd)

here's the latest pics i've taken, but plan on getting a bunch more at the big h-t meet this saturday. pretty stoked for that as it'll be my first honda meet in quite a while. (owned an 88crx back in the day)

super sweet gas door..

super sweet knob and shift boot..

all cleaned up inside..

motor is the bone stocker d15b2 dpfi, just to keep the mpgs up.. just regular maintenance and ngk plugs/wires.

not looking to do a full restore on this car or anything.. i actually dig the beater look to it (and some things are tweaked pretty bad from a past accident) so i've embraced it and moved on.

Nice! Jealous of your black interior.

New member from NORcal

whats up efss,

I've had a 88 civic dx for a year and im slowly modifying it. I want to rock the EF sedan squad sticker and get new ideas for my car!

-fat fives {freshly painted}
-Dc2 seats
-Dc2 center console
-short shifter
-lowered 2in
-cold air intake
-passenger mirror

to do list:
-new paint
-quick release hub
-GT grant steering wheel
-wind visors
-anodized red lug nuts
-tail lights {that duck tapes embarrassing}
-2 kicker 12s


time for some JDM tail lights  Twisted Evil

my name is eric. im from san bernardino california ( so cal) . i have a 1991 civic dx with a rebuilt  first gen B16A its my sleeper and i love it . it also has a blox intake manifold and 68mm throttle body , headers and straight pipe exhaust to a stock muffler .  it looks stock but not for long i im going to start body work soon


^ nice sleeper. any issues with that radiator?

thanks and no the radiator works fine . i havent had any problems

Hey everyone. My name is Matt, I'm 21 and from Southern California. Just picked up my first sedan a couple of days ago. A 1991 DX model. Bone stock. I've loved the boxy style Hondas since I was a kid. Finally got one of my own and would enjoy being apart of the EF Sedan Squad.

Here's my ride.


My gold 1989 civic ef
All power option
Stock D15B1 non v-tech
Automatic but not for long
Got it on july 25th all stock on steelies brake's not running
idling at 2500 rpm's rotors shot no brake pads
But everythings fixed now
I rolld my own fenders (did a good job)

Took it from the ground up in a short period of time jope yu guys like. I just joind this forum first one ever!! lol. Its kind of funny kus I hace a squad sticker on my frnt windsheild an its a ef 4dr Very Happy

names nick i have a 1991 ed3 obd1
tucked bay
relocated battery
b18c1 (fully rebuilt no miles)
b16 cable tranny no lsd
p28 ecu chipped gsr specs, 4500 launch, 10500 redline
cat back 21/8 piping with cherrybomb free flow muffler  
yellow koni with adjustable ebay drop springs
drag gt3

mr. honda

Lookin to join up. I've got a 88 DX that has a ZC single cam vtec converted to obd1, rear disc brake, and gray LX interior. Future mods include LX power windows and mirrors, Ksport knotrol pro coil overs, and hid's.... lots more to come


What's up guys my name is Giovani (Geo) and I own a 1990 DX sedan. I'm 19 years old and live in California. I wanna join the squad cause I see you guys are like family and I wanna be part of it
So far my car has function form type 1 suspension, esm wheels with 175/50/15 tires. Interior is clean only rip on the driver seat have ex cluster and clock I also have a nardi wood grain deep dish and a momo mod 8, I have a blox shift knob and motor I have a obd0 dpfi d16y7 . Here are some pictures. Enjoy


Hey Geo thats a really nice civic thats almost exactly what I want to do with mine. I really dig the wheels and also how does your car ride with the FF spec 1's?

Thanks man
It rides good I love how it rides

Hello gentlemen. I would like to rep the squad. My name is Justin and i'm from eatonville, washington. I bought my sedan to replace my 4x4 as I commute 280 miles a week for school. I'm attending bates technical college for my associates of technology in diesel and heavy machinery repair. My sedan has an intro and build thread so tech info does there. I'll keep it clean and classy. Thank you for the friendly forum and I hope to join soon. Smile

ef sadan for life

Ok I'm tryin it out agein. My name is jeremiah. I have a 88 sedan and I've pulled everything out and put integra running gear and moter in it. Still have to put my b16a head on and hook up vtec. I live in kelowna bc and would like to rep in bc. Would love to be part of the crew and roll the name in bc.

Ohhh and i should mention im the only one roling a pimped out sedan that isnt just lowered and has rims Wink

Hey guys! Well to start off my name is Zack. Im 24 and i live in good ole alabama  Laughing  Im sure a few of you have already seen some pics of my sedan. Been buiding this car for about 2 years now. I paid $500 for it and it was 100% bone stock. Just the way i like it. It was a wonderful platform to start with. I try not to get too in over my head with it as i have a crx im building as well as my own house. I just spend money on it whenever i find parts for a good deal and just can't live without them  Very Happy  anyway enough about me here are pics of my pride and joy!!


Pure sex

Pure sex and also many other wonderful things.

Thanks for the love guys, it really means alot.

Have I started the use of the word sex on here??? Lol that's not sex, it's hardcore porn!!! Clean clean clean

Super clean car I seem a couple pictures of it and always been trying to see more

Haha. Thanks guys. It's greatly appreciated. It's came a long way since the day I got it. I need to get some new pics up soon.

i wanna join the squad! heres a phone pick its a 88 lowered on ebay coilovers rollin on del sol wheels has an exhaust and on a road to a better life...just picked it up yesterday im too excited to have it


Looks like a nice clean car to start with, like I said you willll need to stay active

sounds good im down! just keep me updated

Hello my name is Arturo i also go by SoNastySedan , youtube and instagram
this is how my sedan sits at the moment
ive been through a few stages already

car is a 1990 Civic DX
lowered on custom springs and extended top hats with tokico blues all around
sitting on 16x8 Diamond Racing wheels wrapped on nitto neo gen 205 40 16
its all stock motor wise
and little things here and there
plan on swapping a LS in it sometime soon going to be a all motor car

had the car for 3 years already
i would like to join efss always wanted to just didnt know how

i am also the President to my own car crew called Lowtus Society
just a small crew/family



nice sedan man, if you do really want to join in, you need to stay
active on this forum or in the Official EF Sedan Squad thread,
on H-T. Try to post more stuff about your car or build. You can also
make a build thread on this site in the project log section.

Ok cool will do
ive been wanting to do my own build tread and thanks Forum Index -> The Squad Page 1, 2  Next
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