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HOW TO: civic 99-00 rear lip to 88-91 rear bumber

Writeup by 90_sedan:

I wanted a rear lip for my 90 sedan. nothing looked good or or whould fit right. until on day my friend bought a 00 civic 4 dr and parked next to me.

ummmm the rear bumber seem to have the same shape. and are about the same size. the sides look longer but i'll just cut the lip to size. plus this lip is made for a right side exhaust wich is perfect for me since my exhaust is on the right.

you will need to be handy for this one.

well on to the how to:

tools/parts needed:
-4th gen sedan rear bumper
-civic 99-00 4dr rear lip (abs plastic)
-dremel with cut off blade, and sanding bit.
-metal screws
-tape (electic, duct tape whatever. anytape will work just fine)
-6 or more 5/16 or 1/4 inch bolts at least 3 1/2 inch long (3 nuts needed per bolts)
-a hand drill with the matching bit for your bolts.
-a shit load (10-12) of c-clamps. these are perfect for the job
-(1) Lepage PL Premium Liquid
-2 tubes of Amazing Goop plumbing really is amazing!
-some latex or vinyl clove when working with the clue. a couple of pairs.
-sanding paper (somethign not to harsh not to soft 220-320)
-and some time as this is a long process.

-first step. remove your rear bumper. take off the metal reinforcement. you'll only need the shell (bumper cover).

-now check your initial fitting. looks not so bad right? the curves aren't the same, and it a bit too long. we'll deal with that.

-for the corners. not fitting right. you'll need to sand the corners to trim them to make it fit better.using this #439:

don't try to make them fit perfectly. make them fit close. dont worry about the gaps. we'll deal with that later. (note on this picture the bumper is already clued the gap is not pictured!!!!)

-next take out your drill its time to bolt that lip into place. this step is just to adjust the height you want the lip at. after you drilled your holes insert the bolts. notice in the pictures. there are 3 nuts per bolt. one to hold the bolts to the lip, one for the height from the lip to the bumber. and the other to hold the bumper to rest of the assembly.once again the gaps will still be there. i used a metal screw hole where the muffler cutout is.

-now take off the lip. thats right take it off. follow these steps: tape the height nut to the bolts so it will not move around this is so that the height will not be changed. next take off only the top bolt, and the metal screw if you used one. there we go lip is off.

-now lets take care of those gaps. take out your lepage clue and you c-clamps youll need alot of them. apply the glue to the inside of the lip where it touches the bumper cover. now take the lip put it back in its place. now re-tighten the top bolts. now take your c-clamps and start clamping the gaps first. once the gaps are gone. clamp other spots, to secure everything in place. you have about 30 minutes to work the lip into place. I suggest leaving the c-clamps there for at least 24hours.

-once that is done put you bumper on the ground unpside down. the c-clapps at time time are still in place. it wont lay flat on the ground since the c-clamps are still in place. but try to make it as flat as posible. now take out the lepage clue again. and fill the inside of the gap. the clue will run and drip so put rags to protect your floor. let it stand there for an other 24hours, with the clamps still in place.

-now lets remove those clamps. while removing the clamps you will hear some cracking sounds. thats the clue. don't move the bumper around too much. the clue holds it in place but it is still fragile at this time. once the clamps removed set the bumper back down on the groung upside down.

-now take out one tube of amazing goop clue. and once again add some clue to the inside of the lip. go ahead put it all, don't be shy.

-once the amazing goop as dried (an other 24 hours, hey the cracking sound his gone.) we can go ahead and make the lip fit lenght wise.

now take out your dremel with the cutoff blade. now mark where you wanna cut. and cut. this is what you should be left with: (yes i have short fat hands.)

now cut the part that made the lip too long. like so:

here some holes have been drilled this is to put metal screws to hold the piece in place. now again add some amazing goop to the 2 parts of the lip. put them in place and secure it with the metal screw so it won't move around. (sorry the picture is really dark, but you get the idea)

now had some more amazing goop to the inside of corner. do i really need to tell you to repeat this step for the other side also?

-next take out the dremel with the sanding bit. sand down until the curve matches. then hand sand the rest for a smoother finish.

-now with the rest of your amazing goop you can refil the inside of the lip if you wish. I did since i had nothing else to use it for. it will just be that stronger.

-now painting the lip will be needed. sand smooth and just paint.

here are some picture to give you an idea what it will look like once done:

no mine is not painted yet. i'll be repainting the hole car so when thats done pics will be posted. (but it will take a while.) Wink

this how to can be applied to any other lip.

sooo you need a 99-00 4dr civic.. rear lip? hmmm

well where are the pics for the finished product

That looks good but only works if you want your exhaust on the right side. I want to keep mine on the left and have a rear lip.

get an accord rear lip i like mine pretty good

all i had to put mine on was a screwdriver and a jigsaw lol
and it helps to grap the original mounting hardware for the lip you get.

I kind of like the way that looks. Do you have a picture from the back instead of the side?

hmm wow i guess not lol just looked. wierd

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