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How to change all lights in my cluster

A few bulbs faded and i want to change them all but in whitch order to begin diasembely thanks for answers

I'm sure someone can't pull up a diagram but if your decent about disassembly you can start by pulling the two covers off the back of the display it's all small screws. If you search enough it will come up.

Ive done this 1931862729 times, I shouldve made a diy lol, well start with getting it out of the dash, get the top cover off and there should be 2 screws that hold down the cluster on top and 2 more screws directly in front of you  "left & right side"  remove those and the rest is pretty easy just twist and remove the bulbs. bulbs are 74's and 194's be sure to test everything once bulbs are replaced before screwing it down again just to notice that the bulbs need to be rotated so they turn on lol  GL .. any more questions just ask =) Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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