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Honda 1 Scotsman 0

so broke down today on the way out to my son's game , my crank pulley bolt decided to work its way out while ridin down the road , pulled over because my battery light came on , pulled into gas station and popped the hood to see what was going on , low and behold my pulley was only being held on by the belts........................i look closer and my woodruff key and bolt were still there in the pulley , talk about one in a million odds , got towed to my buddy's shop and got her back together , first time EVER a honda has stranded me

thats crazy man  Shocked

Lucked out on that one. Smile

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Lucked out on that one. Smile
yessir i did ,lol

You don't see that everyday! lol Glad it worked out in your favor.

Damn, most people can get that bolt off with massive breaker bars... And yours comes undone by itself! Haha damn! Forum Index -> General Discussion
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