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Hmmmm.. turning on lights pops a fuse.

Why is it that when i turn on my lights, i pop a fuse?
My instrument gauges and tail lights are gone? How does this shit happen all of the sudden? any ideas as to what i can check? Seems like there is a wire grounding out or something. Not sure.

Guess i cannot drive at night. for now.  Crying or Very sad

Is your ECU throwing any codes at all? Confused  Im sure you would have checked them since your pretty seasoned with these sedans! Laughing  worth checking though! Laughing

Also look at the wiring in your dash to see if there is a broken wire or a wire thats splitting! I have seen it happen!

I'll go through the wires again.. ECU is fine, no codes.
It has to be a wire touching the chassis somewhere.. Starting to piss me off...  Twisted Evil  Evil or Very Mad

^^any verdict yet? Confused

dude had the same problem with my sedan before i got it, he found that there is a common ground block in the inner driver fender well area that wasnt bolted good to the metal and not grounding correctly. cant say for sure that is what your problem is, but worth looking.

^^check this

Yup, that was it.. It was not on tight..

Thank you all! I can drive at night again!  Laughing  Laughing

YAY!!! Very Happy  

^x2  Very Happy Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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