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higher than normal idle

When I turn the car on it runs fine but ther after a min or so the car starts to run a higher than normal idle... at first I thought it could of been because the car could of been gettin hot but the fans turn on and doesn't ever get above the middle... does anybody has a solution would be grealy appreciated?

How high is high?

Could be a vac leak, i'd clean out your IACV and FITV (if your car's got it).

The car is a dx model and it has a d15b2... I don't have a tach but id say it feels like its at 1500 to 2000... its a brand new rebuilt motor so I'm just right now tryin to get all the kinks out... havin had a chance to post any pics but I have money and time invested in it...

Get a vacuum line diagram, and double check every single line. Have you cleaned the iacvalve?

ill check all the lines... what is a iacv? I did replace the pvc valve because it was stuck.... what would u say be some of the vacum lines to look for?

The IACV bolts on the intake, there's a couple of coolant lines attached to it, it should be bolted in such a way that half of it is before, and the other half is after the throttle plate. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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