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High Compression

Hey everyone. I just wanted to get some opinions and tips about building a high compression single cam(z6). Budget for boosting just isnt there and we all know how difficult ef engine bays are sometimes.

So if anyone had any tips or suggestions about doing this set up it would be greatly appreciated for some info.Thanks all Very Happy

I currently have a high compression motor..
What are you thinking of?

I built my car NA (naturally Aspirated) no forced anything... I wanted to have something reliable and, at the time, quick.....

let me know what you are thinking and i can try to answer your questions.

Rolling Eyes

Well i was thinking about going with the p29 pistons. and maybeng a cam and head work a little later. i threw a rod so i have an oppertunity to start a build.

Anything would help really. It is my daily so i would like it to be reliable to drive around! Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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