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Doctor Tease

High Beams Don't Work

Recently my high beams quit on me.  The problem is the lever, when I pull it back to turn the high beams on it doesn't even click anymore and nothing happens.  Does anybody know what could be the root of this issue?

My guess is the lever. Something similar happend to my homie but in these case hes corner lights werent working. He also said he could smell like burnt wires on the lever. He ended up buying a new one from auto zone. He said it was $170. But im not sure on the price. I would just get one at the junk yard.
Doctor Tease

Yeah the Honda dealer wanted $150 for the whole lever, I'll just try to find a used one somewhere else.  Thanks.

no problem.

i went and buy a whole new steering wheel at the junkyard for 50.00 Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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