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I just picked up a 1990 DX Sedan.

I have had 3 CRX's, a 1988 HF, 1989 DX, and a 1990 Si, but am totally new to the sedan. Its surprising how different it is interior least everything else seems to be similar.

I got it bone stock, but dropped it the next day on Koni Yellows with generic springs.

I picked up a Yakima rack, just trying to track down some Q9 clips,

and plan on getting a NRG short hub and wood steering wheel to add some interior style...mine has a half tan half black so I think the wood will look kinda cool.

Id be lying if I didnt say I will proably get a few rare USDM/JDM/EDM parts for it since I always do, but aside from that I want to keep it clean and fairly stock.

Oh yah and I want new wheels, although im repping the ones featured on the back of the Haynes manual, I hate them ;p

Welcome to the site bud that's a good looking sedan you have. That's cool your a crx fan ive had 3 myself 1991 hf turbo,1991 dx,1989 si. I like your upcoming plans for it sounds nice and simple. It's good people here youll notice this forum is the shit and you wont want to leave.

welcome, and nice, whats plans for it? and needs more pics, haha i beat you tenkaracole Twisted Evil

I love those rims so much! Nice car Smile

Thanks for the welcome guys!

So far thats the only pic I have..I have been working on it nonstop since I got it so no time for pics!

I tried so many shock/spring combos, the guy I got it from gave me a ton to try, and the koni with generic spring worked best.

Down the road ill probably throw some s-techs on to replace the no name springs.

Like I said, no huge plans...Ive always had semi build DOHC's in my hondas, but Ive got a bike for speed, this is going to just be my low and slow DD, so more bling and less under the hood.

My biggest gripe from CRX to this is no freaking dead pedal....mine had a rubbed out spot in the carpet from the PO so I want to cover it with one from a hatch or crx.

I read a good write up on installing a dead pedal on here somewhere.

Welcome good lookin sedan.

welcome, We got all the answers for you bro just ask away about anything sedan. Love the look and you will find some good stuff on here. Parts and info wise brotha. Welcome to the community.

Welcome. Car looks great and a awesome start.

welcome, and i dig the wheels, i think you should give them to me. lol

well seems i got beat to it 89civicsi!!!!!!!!!! Mad  But there is a thread on making your own dead pedal in interiors....but your gonna have to look pretty far back! Confused

q9 clips for $25 a pair($50)

Here are 4 for $30

I bit the bullet and ordered Q9's from rack attack for 60 shipped. Not terrible since I paid 140 for my bars, q mounts, fairing, 4 locks, and a key in pretty good shape. I can resell the whole thing with the Q9's for 250 easy if I wanted too.

Im surprised everyone likes my wheels...I guess they are kinda retro cool, but id rather have some 92's or BBS meshies, or hell even the EM1 wheels look nice on slammed ed sedans.

I put in some NGK plug wires today, and got my radio trim in so the interior is coming together.

I need the plastic that goes under the radio that has the cig lighter....anyone selling?

As soon as I decide on a setup im getting a wood NRG wheel, not sure on hub yet...I made a thread about it.

As soon as my rack is good ill probably make a build and take the time to do a proper photo shoot.

Thanks for the comments!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome! Looking good. Any interior pix?

welcome, nice wheels

Thanks guys!

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Welcome! Looking good. Any interior pix?

No pics yet, soon, proably by next week when I get my new steering wheel ill have pics.....just imagine a bone stock mint black interior.


Here you go install your own deadpedal!!!! Very Happy Forum Index -> The Intro...
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