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hi, im new with cars plz help

Hi, i have a 91 civic sedan and i would like to start modding it and change things on to make it look alot better and run better. im looking for a simply clean car i can cruise in. I want a d16z6 engine in their but i dont know where to buy one in Las Vegas. could someone help me out plz. Thanks

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome, looks like you have a lot of work to do.  I would look on Craigslist or just make a drive to HMotors.


thx guys  Very Happy

go to a junkyard... you might be able to find that si del sol motor in there...

i would first make sure the motor in there is healthy and do tune-up.
-oil pump
-timing belt
- oil change
-change spark plugs and wires
-distributor cap and rotor
- any gaskets and hoses that need replacing

thats where i would start 1st get that running good and healthy,

then start gathering parts for your d16z6 because in order to get the full power and it running healthy you need to convert to mpfi also obd1 , let me break it down. 92-95 ex si ecu which is p28. also your going to need a obd1 distributor, and adding wires to your ecu and wireing harness. also your going to need a mpfi intake manifold. obd0 or obd1 injectors . im sure im missing a few things but focus on your current motor. and stuff. hit the junk yard get any parts that are broken or missing .. hope this helps

Thx that helps alot. But i went on Hmotors website and i might wanna save up for the B16a motor..its about $2000 with ecu and all the other stuff such as intake/exhaust manifold, harness, injectors, distributor ,etc. You think its worth it??

thats pricey but if u got the cash go for it. u still need to do what jersey said ^ and u also will be needing mounts.

Don't forget shift linkage

shift linkage should fit just fine, since the swap is from a 88-91 sir.

nice whip. The car reminds me of mine. I hope you find a good swap for it.

thx man...Im just gonna tune up the d15b2 i have now until i have enough money for the b16a. I also have a blown d15b7. which is a better d15b2 or should i rebuild the d15b7?

I would go with the b7 for sure. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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