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Hi from OR

whats up. new to the forum but not the ef sedan. this is my first ef the one that started the sickness

LS the hart of the beast

And the new EF i picked this up for 300$ its a 90 DX with a blown up motor and auto trans. i did a auto to manual swap and a good motor

the gold one in the pic was the doner for the blue one got that one for 250$ no title

not sure what this was but it was a pita to get off

i will update with more pics tomorrow. thanks for looking
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Glad you found us.  Looks like you're a true enthusiast  Very Happy

Welcome cant wait to see where you take this.

ok here are the new pics

the new motor. i am getting ready to do the dpfi to mpfi as soon as the wether gets better here

all clean and waxed

the 17" wheels will be swaped for thes 93 intagra wheels

when i get back to work i am going to get a set of koing wheels like these


what do you guys think? i am also doing a motor swap this summer eather a dohc zc or a b16 not sure yet. thanks for looking and commentimg

Nice work so far. Looks like both of your sedans are in great shape. No signs of the evil rust. I've got to admit I really like the 93 integra rims. Simple and clean. But don't mind me I'm only one opinion!

thank you the more i look at the intagra wheels the more i like them i mite just leave them and spind the money on a motor swap insted mine is burning oil now
EF Sedan Enthusiast

That decision would get my vote.
Edison Carasio

Wow rust free in Oregon?  How'd you manage that!

hey man nice clean ef...i have a gold ef needs work on...but the engine runs strong...

thanks for the feed back guys. i have ben very lucky with my efs and none have had any rust on them and have ben cheep to buy

hey man do u got extra passenger side front fender?

Those integra wheels look like the right choice for sure. I personally wouldn't purchase those other wheels, i think they look a bit tacky.

proflipz wrote:
hey man do u got extra passenger side front fender?

no sorry the city cops around here are a pain in the ass and made me scrap the parts car befor i could get any thing extra off of it Forum Index -> The Intro...
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