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hi errybody

my name is Jace and i'm from a place south of Melbourne in Australia

I don't own an ED yet but i'm here to soak up info and inspiration.

a good friend of mine just bought a beater sedan from his sister for like $800AUD with reg. and i've ridden in it and driven it a fair bit and i have to say... WHAT AN AMAZING CAR!

It has 280,000Km's (174,000mi.) but it still feels like a really solid and well built car. everything works. it was sitting under a tree for a year before my friend got it and with a new battery it fired right up and has been running and driving immaculately since!

in fact here's a pic of it

Handbrake Monster by Jace B., on Flickr

since getting it all we have done is remove the headrests for a cleaner cruiser look and put in a Momo Montecarlo steering wheel

I have wanted one for a good year or so but not that i've got a bit of experience with one i want one even more!

as things always go with me i have already made a bunch of plans for a car i don't even own yet...

i'm looking for a car:
- that's white
- near immaculate
- 5 speed
- stock
- has the translucent rear garnish and matching tail lights (a fetish of mine haha)

I would:
- get some 15x6.5 +35 F8 Watanabes for it
- Lowering springs
- steering wheel
- good tires
- DA rear sway bar
- and daily drive it! they seem like perfect DD's!

i currently have an MX5 and BMW 2002, there's pics in my Flickr of both.
I hope to have something useful to contribute soon. Very Happy

Welcome i tried to pm you on h-t but your inbox was full. Ill send you the pics on a pm

Welcome.. your buddy's sedan looks fairly clean

Sorry I misread the post.  I want to pm the actual owner. Sorry about that.  Wink

4dred6 wrote:
Sorry I misread the post.  I want to pm the actual owner. Sorry about that.  Wink

thats cool man.

have you got a link? for the life of me i cant find my friends post on H-T anywhere!

i'm considering this car, asking price is ridiculous but it looks like a perfect base for me and seems to be everything i'm looking for.

That's sedan is so nice, and clean.  But That's like $4700  us dollars.  
That's a bit too much for me. But If I ever come across one that clean
I might just go for it.  Very Happy  definitely one of the cleanest sedan I ever seen.

He's at the very bottom (nanotech)

thanks man, found it anyway.

yeah it's clean for sure, but very expensive. I'd be happy to pay up to $3500 for that particular car.
But i'm usually of the opinion that the purchase price is unimportant if you can afford it and you get what you want. Granted, i have lost money on resale more than once but it doesn't bother me.

A lot of ED/EF's here were very popular for the elderly as their 'last cars', so it's not uncommon to find a very clean one, immaculate interior, full service history but maybe a few scratches on the bumper lol.

They aren't popular with enthusiasts unfortunately so very beaten up ones are much more common than modified or mint ones. Sad
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome! Glad you found us.

It's Australia Day... so welcome, maaan! Wink

very nice

I must say, that Sedan is pretty immaculate! welcome to the site bro!, I hope you find your dream sedan!


welcome bro Very Happy  Have fun! its a cool site Cool

Hey again guys

you lot a literally the most welcoming bunch of guys i have come accross on a forum! well done haha.

so i found my car, i'm picking this up from about 8 hours away in two weeks.

seems like the rear left corner has had a nudge at some stage, hopefully i can get the boot fitment a bit better and pull the bumper back from the wheel arch too.

other than that, it should be good to go! undecided on whether i want to have the windows tinted. i'm typically against window tint for it's shitful appearance. i also may end up getting a sub and amp installed and perhaps a newer bluetooth compatible headunit.

^very unlike me to consider that sort of stuff, i despise modernized old cars.

That's thing is clean, I would leave it tint less.

That's a beauty! Nice find. They don't come that clean often. You scored!

Not bad man and I agree with no tint I dont like tint on our sedans.

i know guys, i don't like tint either.

this is my first attempt at being practical and modern, so forgive me if i put an aftermarket stereo in the car, tint the windows and keep it at stock height. Confused

Finally found your thread. I vote turn this into a build thread and keep it rolling. Kudos on the pics of my car too! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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