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Hey from the UK

Hi there im lewis from the UK(south west)

after looking for around 2 years finally purchased my first sedan and jap car.

the car is fully standard.
taking it of the road to let the work begin so hopefully keep you updated with the progress.


Welcome looking forward to seeing what you have planed for it.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Glad you found the sedan and our little corner of the internet.  I too am looking forward to what you make of this beauty.

welcome Very Happy


looks good. have any plans on mods yet?

stormdrop wrote:
looks good. have any plans on mods yet?

I have got it all planned in my head question is will it happen.
I'm new to Honda so need to do my research in whats actually available ect.

First mod I was thinking is lowering it then I can work on the stance and wheel fitment from that before i go ahead for a respray.
Previously had coilovers on a car and the underside got destroyed with all the speed bumps.

was considering air/hydro but its not cheap after the few quotes i have received. But need to do my research into this.  

Also i have some old Borbet D wheels lying about might try on but think 14s will be to small.

just have the engine bay a quick clean to see what im working with and il get a service on it this weekend.

Wheels are nice, and you did a nice job on the bay

those 14"s will look great on there.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I agree with both of the previous statements  Very Happy

I ride 14's and don't Mind them that much?

Love it. Wheels will look great! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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