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here she is!

Got my EF about 2 weeks ago and in that time i've gone from stock grandma car to lower and tuckin.

heres some pictures.

day 1- stock n sexy

day 2- fronts dumped, herro DA drop springs

day 5- working on the backs, fitment for days!

day 8- finished it!

Next on my list.
actual coilovers, no more cut springs. ksports, camber kits, skinner, stretched tires.
get rid of this vatomatic and 5 speed or skip that all together and go straight to the swap.
add cupholders!

few other projects going on at the moment in the group.

my buddy sanya's mk3 gti on air in the middle of a wire tuck.

my oil pan on my mk3 gti

by the way, names aaron, this is my first EF. super excited to join the EF fan club. First honda actually, been a die hard VW guy but i sure love this car and its SOOO much cheeper then any VW ive ever had.

lovin it. tariffsquad ftw.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Looks like you're off to a great start.  Looking forward to what you make out of this sedan.

Nice start! waiting for the build up thread >Smile

my first custom lip :]

off a 96 Volvo 960

The side lengths were about 2" too long on either side, and about 1" to narrow width wise. I proceeded to cut the excess off the sides, getting them to follow the fender line, and cut a straight line down the middle.

Then i took a section from the side, and using a propane torch, heated it and molded it to the same curvature ad the front, and  plastic welded it into the center of the lip. Being that this was my first lip ever making and first time plastic welding, it looked terrible.

So, i decided to wrap it to cover up the mistakes. Heres what i got! holds up to speed bumps, rocks, etc. Keep in mind this was a test that i am  rocking for the "WTF" attention. lol. Waiting on a new lip to show up. lol.

In the works, custom lip from a mk2 gti, extended 10 inches or so. fog lights get mounted this weekend.

still need a rear lip, roll fenders, camber front and rear, lower, HID (4300 Lows, 3000 fogs and 3000 highs) and LED bulb replacements all around.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Not bad at all dude.  Any plans for side skirts?

We'll see. ill have to see it again, never been a fan of skirts tho. But we'll see.  I'm sure ill end up doing it at somepoint.

Welcome looks like your off to a good start.

i like people that have their own style and dreate damn nice builds

welcome, love it


haha thanks for the welcome guys, glad you like it. been getting good reviews so far, not to many negatives. lol.

started another little project today, wire up the turns for 1157 bulbs for running lights in the front :] threw on some fogs too, not sure how i feel about them yet, might come off. lol.

torn down, soldering the wires, installing a fog light relay in. Now if the fog light switch is turned on but the marker light switch isnt, the  fogs wont turn on either.

dont have any pics of the final product yet, all though it is done.

also resprayed the bumper and door strips.

in other projects, got my GTI back on the road :]

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff dude.

Looks like a good start and welcome. I used to be a VW guy myself, till I got my first Honda CRX Si back in 97. Been a Honda fan ever since. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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