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HELP! Wiring questions...

Hey guys, I'm putting a JDM b16a 2nd gen obd1 engine with a cable YS1 tranny in to my 89 civic LX and I really need help with what wiring conversion harnesses im going to need to buy. I have a DPFI D15 in there as comes stock what do i need to do to convert to MPFI and OBD1 as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also for reference purposes I believe to the best of my knowledge that the engine and ecu came from a 92-93 integra xsi and the ecu code is PR3-J01

If you really aren't that familiar with wiring, you could buy a harness made exactly for what you are dropping into your car and even a subharness at the ECU connector to convert to whichever OBD you are doing.  Probably would cost around $140 for a engine harness, maybe another $50 for the ecu harness. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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