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Help! Whats this part called??

I want to find this piece of metal for my car, but I dont know what its called.. heres a picture of it.. please let me know thanks.


bumper filler, or filler piece.

Bumper filler piece.

cleanRENO90 wrote:
bumper filler, or filler piece.

haha we were typing at the same time, you just got it in faster.

Thanks Guys! That dent is bugging me,, will I have to remove my side fenders to take it off? Its raining out here in San Diego right now and cant check.. thanks for the quick replies.

You wont have to remove the fender, but you'll have to remove the bumper.

I have one for sale here... in mint condition, granted it is blue... and it would have to come from the other side of the country... Not sure if it would arrive in mint condition... Crying or Very sad Forum Index -> Project Logs
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