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HELP! Swapping ZC

My d15b2 has siezed and now im looking into a SOHC ZC. What do i need to do to have the swap successful and have the car passing smog and everything running fine. Can i use parts from the d15b2? I know that i can use the same tranny but im not sure if im able to use the same ECU. But i was reading somewhere else that if i do use the same ECU im going to need to do a MPFI swap also. Is there anything i need to know in particular to do everything right and also what other parts are needed for the swap. So if someone can help me out with my situation i would highly appreciate it. Im pretty stressed out right now because my car and I are out of town and i need to go back for school so i have to get everything done ASAP. Thanks.

Also my car is a 1991 Civic Sedan LX & im pretty sure its OBD0. & the ZC is OBD1 im thinking? What do i need to swap that over?

Buy a boomslang dpfi to mpfi obd1 harness. They are about ~$110. Pretty easy install and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours with the instructions to wire it up.

I believe you also will need to swap the drivers side block mount to your d15b2 mount so your motor mount bolts up to it.

I have no idea about getting it smog legal tho. Love living in a state that doesn't require it.  Very Happy

You need an mpfi obd1 ecu to match the obd1 intake and injectors switch over IM and injectors to obdo. Whichever comes first and also convert dpfi to mpfi as well as change over some hoses. Make sure you match up the spline with clutch when installing your transmission Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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