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HELP! (Idle)

Okay guys i have a 1991 Civic dx sedan

MY problem is that my car's idle is acting pretty weird. Sometimes when i come to a stop like a stop sign or a red light my car will idle very low , low enough to were it will shut off . its starts up no problem but its just when ever come to a stop,park, etc...

So far i have insepected hoses. and replaced one thats attached to the top of the intake manifold since it had a tear in it.

I hear that i shouldnt mess with the idle screw unless its the last thing i try to fix it.
       I would really appreciate any ideas or comments you guys have to give, as i would really like to make it to the Ef meet down in Houston on March the 12.

i kinda had the same problem... one problem was one of my vaccum lines... but also might want to check the idle control valve...  i replaced mine from my parts car and that solved the probelm

ima go over the vaccum lines again just to make sure check the clips and all thanks .
and the Iacv ima look more into that im not sure even where its located haha.
could u tell me ?

It is right under/next to the intake manifold... I would show you a picture but everything I do through the internet is through my phone.... there is a small vaccum line that goes into it and a something metal connected to it.... you have to take the cover off of the top of the manifold to take it off but cam clearly see when you pop the hood...

If you have a propane bottle with a torch what you can do is turn it on so there is propane flowing,but DON'T LIGHT IT! Go around everywhere(vacuum lines, intake manifold, etc). When The idle increases you know where the issue is. I have found so many vacuum leaks this way that I never would've found with the naked eye.

alright well I just wanna say thanks guys cause I think I found it ima post a picture of it tomorrow and post it on here to show yall just to make shure I would right now but I'm at work. Okay so I gotta another thing which kinda confused me some more..

after I pumped gas in my car I filled it half way and I haven't had any idle problems yet I wounder if it's a fuel problem now or who knows?

okay so it isnt the fuel
On the way back form work its did the same thing
Im definaltly going to look over the iacv tomorrow morning

Found this thread by the way helps out a lot!!

on H-t.

okay so today I took it to my dads shop and I cleaned out the Iacv and it still is acting the same way anyone have an idea on what I should do next .should I replace it??

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