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Help get a ef/ed sedan into a racing sim

Heys guys, as u know most car enthusiasts love sim racing or any racing game at that. Iracing, Rfacor, Rfactor2, Asseto corsa, exc u get where im going with that , all great sims too hone your racing skills, but lacking the one thing we all love. A EF or ED sedan why is that i dont know, but im trying too change that, and with the help of fellow ef sedan enthusiasts i think we can make that happen. I have made physics for a couple of peoples mods for rfactor, as a physics guy, i have little knowledge on making car models. I have 3ds max 2014 for modeling cars but have little experience with 3ds max. get too the point already i know lol. I need help modeling an ef/ed sedan, if anyone has knowledge on modeling cars
or has already has a modled car or blue prints or could just help me make it myself, anyones help is welcome. So if u want to drive a ef  sedan  in your favorite sim i think this is the place too start. If u can model cars leave me a message and we could get working on it, your name will be mentioned in the mods creator list. Thank you for your time, help and support.

I would love to have an EFS in a racing Sim. These are the only blueprints I could find

I hope these help

I found them here

That forums looks like it's right up your alley as far as what you're looking for. Good luck with this and keep us updated Forum Index -> General Discussion
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