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Help asap

My car drives fine sometimes but sometimes it gets slugish anditcuts out then I haft to floor it and it will go but sometimes I do it and it seems like no gas is gettimg through I chanhed oil and fuel filter and no luck
I need help idk if its fuel pump or injectors or something to do wit pressure

I would have to go with injectors. Do you get a gas smell or anything? I would first just look at the injector clips and wires see if something aint loose. Then maybe pull the injectors and look them over.

does sound like an injector issue. But it could possibly be the pump. As he said^^ check your clips and if nothing go to the injectors themselves then to the pump. Also use a multimeter to make sure your getting adiquite power at all times.

Are u dpfi or mpfi?


Hmmm, check your fuel pump. I had the same thing happen on my first 4door and it was the pump. Not saying thats your problem just saying its a possibility. Good luck with it tho:) Hop you get it figured out soon Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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