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hello from BFE west kentucky

What is happnin' my fellow ef sedan owners. Im also a member of H-T and decided to see what was going down here. My sedan is my first honda i have ever owned. I have lots of friends and family that has hondas so i finally got one. I wanted something a little different, cause i cant follow the normal crowd. lol Ill get a build thead started and you guys can give opinions and advice, cause i sure as hell need it. lol

since i cant get fb pictures to work, ill post up link so you can see the turd im working with.

Sweet welcome to the site bro! Any advice you need we can give you!
I hope anyways.  One again welcome to the wonderful place of all sedans! Your gonna love it.

Looking good man, loving the gold bay

thanks guys, here is the latest pic


Welcome not a bad looking sedan.


Whats up man welcome to the forum. Nice looking sedan what are your future plans for it? I also like the trunk alot it came out good I wanted to do that on my hood but use purple and black.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Glad you joined us.  Looking forward to what you make of the sedan.

i got a build thread started on this turd. lol It was sitting in a field on cinder blocks with no interior when a friend of mine got it, he worked on it a bit, found interior and put in it but a set of front seats, he needed to get rid of a project and i needed to get rid of my gas guzzling 97 grand cherokee.
i dont know how to link it to my sig, so there ya go

see i dont like the gold bay (it was like that when i got it). i wanted to paint the bay same color red as is on the trunk, but i dont want to take the time right now and pull all the dash and wiring to do a re-paint, cause if i do, the welder will come out and all unnecessary holes will be filled. lol it has been down long enough. im ready to drive this beast again. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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