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Aren D.

Hello all!

Hi everybody,

So I am new to this fourm but it seems really cool, so I think Ill be sticking around and learning what I can.

I have a 91 Dx Sedan that I am keeping as my DD and racing in SMF this year and also a 85 crx that I race.
so any solo guys: hit me up with some good setup info:)




Welcome to the community and very nice collection of cars you got. That crx is clean you dont see many gens like that anymore. More pics of the sedan please Razz  What does your crx run quarter mile and how do you like those ITBS?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Love the sedan and the old school rex.

Welcome! your collection is sick man. i agree more pics of the sedan. You autoX the rex am i correct?

More pics of the sedan. And that crx is sex. I love the way it looks, that zc setup is so sexy. ITBs or webbers?
Aren D.

Thanks guys!
The CRX has twin weber 45 DCOE carbs. I have never drag raced it, only auto cross...

Some more of the civic:

EF Sedan Enthusiast

I like how the sedan is so simple and clean.  Any future plans for it?
Aren D.

Yes, I would like to install a LSD and an integra LS 5th gear next.

Sedan looks nice with the K1s

Really liking both setups! Hows the tune on those ITBs? I hear the most expensive part is mainly tuning it thoughout the year.
Aren D.

EF4lyf3 wrote:
Really liking both setups! Hows the tune on those ITBs? I hear the most expensive part is mainly tuning it thoughout the year.

They are carburetors, not a fuel injected ITB's. I have a tackle box full of jets and parts most I bought used off old crusty race car peeps. Its fairly simple with a wideband O2 sensor and even better with a electronic crank fire ingnition. but it is expensive to find the right combo, and the right adjustments also need to be constantly tweeked and reajusted.

Welcome nice rides.

That crx is bonertastic and the sedan is clean. I've found this site to be friendly and helpful. Don't be scared to ask questions here.  Very Happy

jmanwantsboost wrote:
That crx is BONERTASTIC and the sedan is clean.   Very Happy

Hammer on the nail in description... welcome

The tucked away lights make me rediculously happy. I wish I had a bseries vtec

amazing sedan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Like the rims, clean car...I want that roof rack.

Nice cars! On the sedan... When I swapped to a B16 in my hatch I noticed right away it offset the balance really bad. My querry is does it do it as equally in the sedan? There's a lot more overhang on the rear end and I was curious if it plowed into tight turns as bad or if the overhang in the rear kind of equalled it out? I'm curious because I've been contemplating when I build another Sedan as to go turbo SOHC or N/A DOHC. I do S.C.C.A. as well and you and I both know balance is key. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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