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Will Ef Hatchback headlights fit on a Ef sedan? sorry for all the questions i've been asking lol

USDM-USDM, yes. USDM-JDM, no.  As long as you stay within the year model range changes. (ex.88-89 & 90-91) This is the only way they swap out, because of how the marker assy. is mounted to the frame. With that being said if you needed to forgo that measure you CAN seperate the headlight bucket from the headlight frame. I have done this several times to get better buckets.

oh alrite, thanks man. This group has helped me out alot! Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You can use 90/91 JDM/EDM headlights on your 88/89.  However you would need to swap your corners lights to 90/91 or get creative w/ your 88/89 corners like I did Wink Forum Index -> General Discussion
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