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Headlights not coming on

So I bought an EF sedan and I am having some issues at the moment. When I turn on headlights its not coming on, however when I pull lever back for high beams then lights come on. Other problem is the steering is too close to the levers so high beams wont click in

Any help on this? I apologize if its already been discussed somewhere

Can we get some pics of the setup? That might help a little better.

ive heard of some people half assing the hell out of the wiring. They can figure out the headlight wiring for some reason so they splice it into the high beam switch. just take a look at your high beam wiring in the engine bay and im sure you will see the splice. try to trace it back to the headlights.

I had a look behind the steering wheel, lifted the top cover but could not find any faults as yet, also checked high and low beam fuses and they are fine. Next step is to try a other leaver Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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