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HardLuckô EFsedan on going daily project....

Picked up my 91 DX Sedan last year and have slowly been making it what I want out of it.....

Started out like this....

got some goodies for it shortly after...

Front B4:

Front After:

Rear B4:

Rear After:

With Wheels back on:

Grass shot FTW! haha


LoL shortly after I got it to that point i ended up selling it Rolling Eyes

But out of luck a few weeks ago I was able to buy it back and the owner had only put 4100 miles on it since i had sold it and He sold it back to me for half of what I sold it for so I jumped on it!!!

So Now I have recently had my wheels powder coated and put the rack back on, also got a full new exhaust and new oem radiator.... She's running really good and I'm lovin it!

Photo from the day I got her back sittin with my Ruck!

New wheel color Razz

New exhaust Very Happy

With out rack a few days ago....

And now today with the rack back on Twisted Evil


Car looks nice.. Laughing

Lookin good man.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Glad you posted up your build here.  The teal on the wheels look dope.

That's great that you got the car back, and even better that you got a good deal on it! I really like the new color.

Some shots from this past weekend.......... Very Happy

Clear corners............?

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Awesome pix dude!  Have you thought about some side skirts?

I have a set of Taurus and and a set of Accord side skirts I just haven't had time to put them on or even decide which ones I'm gonna use haha

These are what the "Ford Taurus " side skirts look like on a BMW,,,,, I'm pretty sure I'll have them on soon  Shocked


Car is lookin nice.... Can never go wrong with a white car....

u have  a realy nice sedan.. your rims looking great


Different.... I rock a beer tap for my shifter for show... I have a white modelo or chrome and green heiniken..... Differnt is better

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