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gsr swap questions

I've scoured google for a while and can't find solidified answers.

I'm purchasing an 88 lx sedan 5 speed
I have an OBD2 GSR engine with a B16 J1 trans

I plan on going mpfi (obviously) and converting to OBD1

My questions are:
What ecu do I need or can I use my OBD2 ecu? (if so with what harnesses?)


would a manual rack from a 91 civic si bolt up? I've heard that the rear cross member is different from PS to non-PS.

thanks in advance guys

most popular ecu's are p28 and p30 both are OBD1 if i remember right but they make jumper harness's so its not too big of a deal to install just have to run your wires for multi point.

there is a write up on this forum about the steering rack.

Thanks for the reply, ill look into those ecus and check out that steering rack write up

more questions :)

Alright I have a couple other questions!

I'm going OBD1 can I use my OBD2 GSR distributor? and how could I go about doing that? I've looked into the jumper harness but the gsr dizzy has 9 wires and i can't find any harnesses for it.

Also, I'm almost certain I need a DA integra starter for the J1 cable trans I have but can anyone concur?

thanks ahead of time

can anyone help me, please Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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