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gotariceburner's 91' Lx project

hey all! finally geting around to putting together my build thread, have done a couple things and still have alot to do as always but i look forward to it..future plans are to keep it clean but work on finishing the interior swap, upgrading all the suspension then either boosting the Ls or building a vtec swap....

1991 Honda Civic Ls 4dr sedan Smile
5sp w/ pw/pl/sunroof & A/C!

*curent mods*
B18b Bronze valve cover
Short Ram (have OEM)
NGK plugs
10mm vision plug wires
Walboro 255 NEW* (not installed)
Re-located battery to trunk (using stock bracket)
Megan 4-1 1piece header NEW* (not installed w/car or $100)
BC spec II cat-back (have OEM)
Hasport mounts
Innovative racing X member/traction bars NEW* (not installed w/car or $220)
Megan rear toe kit NEW* (not installed)
Ebay Coil-sleeves
15" bronze Falken Hanabi rims & tires (2 tires new 2 w/35% thread)
DA rear disc conversion w/ 40/40
DA master cylinder/brake booster
Powerdisc cross-drilled rotors
Russel steel braided lines (not installed)
Skunk 2 extended studs (front only..not installed)
CRX dash swap
CRX seats
BLK/Grey Civic EX rear seats
BLK carpet
UKDM cluster MINT* (not installed w/car or $220)
Pioneer headunit wIPOD
Sony speakers
8K HID's
Yellow high's
DA lip (not installed)
Aftermarket sunroof

couple pics when i got it in 8/09...

May 2010...


cleaned the bay up a bit...

re-sprayed moldings...

picked up rear disc...

*currently working on swaping interior...


since your dash is out its a good time to hide the lo jack! usually lo jack installers install under the seats or rear trunk near spare tire or pillars

what did u get the rear discs and mc off? du u need a prop valve and alterations 2 the e brake?

just curious :]

yea i might hide something under there... i got my rear's n MC of a DA and used the prop valve, everything bolts rite up..ebrake cables were a lil longer on the integra trailing arms but they work, just be sure to swap ur toe arm on the integra trailing arms

you have a buddy club spec II exhaust?! this i must see!!!!

i will get pics asap, it was on a hatchback so its about 6in short from reaching the bumper n the spec II exits out the pass. side of the car so looks a lil funny now but im waitin on my test pipe then  goin to a shop to have them extend the rear section

Dude I can't wait for pic's it going to look rad inside, how hard was the battery swap?

I like I'm thinking about it...

sry havnt been on in awhile, battery swap was easy i was able to use the stock bracket so it wld be an easy installation if needed to go back in the bay...... updated some pics & info in first post and plans have changed a little..  looking to poss. sell car, chk it out if ya know anyone intersted!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

good stuff man Forum Index -> Project Logs
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