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gonna need surgery

so short bio, few years back, had a incident with ex gf and her baby daddy. well short story short, baby daddy didn't like me texting or hangin with my ex of 5yrs, an one night while I was out drinkin at a car meet got a text around 12:30 at night sayin she wanted to talk cuz her an him got into a fight an he left so she needed someone to "talk" to lol. but the texts were kinda missed spelled an didn't make sense, so took a few buddys with me up there. when got there all lights were off so knocked on door an no answer, knocked again an door started to open so I walked in bout a 1.5ft an got met with a aluminum bat to the jaw, instantly shattering the left splitting in the middle as well and dislocating right side, as turning around to run got hit in spine breaking 3 ribs at the spine an inch away. well got rushed to vegas hospital after almost goin to jail for a B n E, showed cops the messages an turned out to be an attempted homicide put on the kid who just turned 18. had a 10hr surgery lost 2 teeth right where jaw split, killed one cuz the nerve got killed in surgery. ended with 2 surgical steel plates,6 screws an 2 pins. well been havin problems over the yrs from a fall on fathers day where landed on face, plates have been shifting around, 2 screws protrude under tongue and now have a 1 inch spot in gum line where the skin is now see thru with maybe 2 layers of skin where u can see the plates an bone  Shocked  so gotta go talk to doc bout surgery before I end up with more trouble having a gapin hole in jaw line.

Re: gonna need surgery

89CivicSi wrote:
had a incident with ex gf and her baby daddy.

As soon as I read this Shocked I knew where it was going from there. Bad news was where the conversation was going. At least he is gonna get his in jail hump

Nope some how the lil fucker got off with 7months jail an 5yrs supervised probation for an premeditated attempt, but ya was suppose to have a reconstructive surgery last yr before movin, but had to move first Sad. Was gonna have bone from both sides of hip graphed out, an a whole new left side of jaw made. Right now I have no jaw line on my left side of face, can't get teeth fixed till I get surgery which sucks fuckin ass. But we scared the shit out of him that night, 35+ people bum rushed his house Smile, he was the one to call the cops not me. I went back to meet to drink than go to er haha. To much adrenaline to worry or feel face.

I have hit someone with a baseball bat repeatedly!! Gets you kicked out of little league pretty fast. Cool

This dude was a pussy an hid behind the door, than after hittin me twice, he went for a 3rd as I layed on my hood bleedin tryin to pull myself together my friend grabbed his gun out the car an scared him back inside. He called the cops an said someone was tryin to break in lol an hour later after findin me at hospital( hospital called cops an said they had a assualt victim come in) cops put 2 an 2 together. Well after sayin I was goin down for BnE I showed texts an got out of it. But spent a good 2 weeks in vegas icu with morphine in IV every hour an liguid loratab every hour cuz jaw was wired shut. That an nurse was hot as fuck an gave me sponge baths Wink

[quoteThat an nurse was hot as fuck an gave me sponge baths

Very nice  Wink

(Do NOT let your wife see this hahah)  And how long ago was this and whats the guys name that did this. I know a guy that actually beat someone up with a bat. If its him, i can assure you he will get his  Wink  Wink  Wink  Very Happy

haha I didn't know her at the time, an ya was nice Wink. it was 07 I believe and his name is William Joshua Evans. il find the article about it, had a 350k bill from sunrise hospital for the surgery and the ride from bullhead to vegas, yes ride as in ambulance lol fuckin heli was at another sceen.

well goin to the ER in the morning, have a big laceration in gum line now to where I can touch the plate in my jaw an been havin hard time stopping the bleeding.

Good luck with your surgery buddy, I hope it goes well and you have a speedy recovery. You should post some before and after pics on here too!

well hopefully they don't do any surgery just yet, my son is havin surgery Friday, getting ear tube installed and adenoids removed at 3yr old. but if they do thanks. I know that I cant have any open lacerations in ur mouth because it can lead to severe problems and infections so going to ER to cover my ass lol as for pics il try to get some tomorrow before leaving but am very self conscious bout my mouth after a bat to it, cant get it fixed till I get jaw fixed ya know

couldn't get the blood to stop but here is the nasty laceration

here is one that I got to stop bleeding for a min as long as I didn't open it fully

found the victim report I got from the police department

^^evidence!!!! Shocked

yes sir lol

Saw some guys get hit with bats last night! Ok I didn't use one...pussies! Razz  It was the last baseball game of the season and it was against a rival school! (although school is already out!) And since 7 out of our 10 players are seniors we had a clear the bench fight versus Pilot Grove! To bad the sherriff was at the game! He ruined all the fun! Shocked  Laughing Forum Index -> General Discussion
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