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Garage Sale Items! Come get em! 89-91 and D-series

Went diggin through some of my extra stuff and found some items I wanna put up for sale:

Two valve covers. Both in very good shape. No cracks, I know I've had both in service.

SOHC V-tec Head. Needs cleaned and work-up. $125+ship

SOHC Non V-tec Head. Needs rebuild have all parts. $75+ship

MPFI '90-91 Intake. Needs cleaning and throttle body. $25+ship

DPFI '90-91 intake and TBI. Needs cleaning and TBI gasket. $30+ship

Complete O.E. ED/EF A/C line kit for CRX/hatch/sedan. Everything under the hood except for the condensor and compressor(for Sanden comp.).$115+ship
Also have rebuildable Sanden compressor(not shown)$85+ship

These are the lines I was running on my hatch so I know they are all still good. No cracks, no leaks. Upon purchase I will include a gasket kit.

Si knuckles. Need rebuild and 1 hub. $40 pr+ship

Also have completely torn down SOHC V-tec Head ready for performance work-up or stock rebuild. Have all parts, clean. Needs new guides and reassembly. Plus one plug tube fell out and needs put back in. $45+ship

More parts...
CRX console insert for single DIN. Make offer.

CRX rear view mirror. Make offer.

CRX dome light. Make offer.

Ashtray for Si Hatch. Make offer.

CRX Speaker covers. Make offer.

'Dead' pedal. Make offer

For all those wagon peeps. Rear drum brake cylinders. New in package. $35 pr

More bits,

Have driver side tail for 88-89 CRX $20

B16 header $25

This is all I have for now. All prices are negotiable am willing to trade. I am still on the hunt for an O.E. ED/EF steering wheel with the cruise and a blue rear seat bottom section and blue center console.


New parts bump...



Are those rear LCAs for sale that you have in the bucket?

Those aren't rears, they're fronts. But yes I'd sell em.

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