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Fuel pump issues.

For some reason lately my sedan has been has having and issue. I will turn the key to the on position and the fuel pump wont engage. I will turn the key off then on again a few times and it will eventually kick on. Also it was sputtering like fuel was being cut-off then would pick up after you started going, that was a few days before it just quit working.  Well now it has completely stopped. Its been days trying to get it to work and nothing. Searching has gotten me to the point that it will either be the pump itself, the main relay or wires. Can I get some input from someone that has delt with the same issue or has good knowledge of this please? At the moment the sedan is all me and my wife have due to her selling her geo.

I had that problem, swapped the main relay and was good to go.

Thats what i was thinkin but the main relay tested good and also the pump started working again. could my key cylinder be the culprit? it is rather tweaky. i do plan on trying a new main relay tho since i have access to one. thanks for the reply

Ignition barrel?

Does everything else light up when you switch over to "accessories 2"? If the HVAC fan comes on i don't think it would be your ignition barrel.

everything turns on yes but the fan. I had to wire the fan to a toggle a while ago. I am getting an ignition switch and ignition barrel for $25 from another ef sedan buddy of mine so thats not to bad. I hope that fixes the issue. Thanks again for your reply.

Ok so I just got home and went to start my sedan and the fuel pump kicked on and I started it but it ran for maybe one second then died due to the fuel pump shutting off and now the pump won't engage again. Main relay the culprit then?

Considering how common it is for them to go bad, that would be the first thing i would replace.

That's my first order of business after work. I am also replacing my ignition barrel. Mine it worn and just crappy. So by the end of the day I should have results. Thanks man

i had tht same exact problem....
my first thought was main relay...but didnt do any diff.
so i replaced the fuel pump frm my friends crx and works just fine now.
sooo i would go w replacing the fuel pump also... Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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