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fuel lines? where to get..

hey guys working in secret on my project. and lets just say i have gone too deep... but i plan on digging my way out. have my built and boosted b18C(eagle/cp combo.. victor x.. rld fab ramhorn.. precision sc34.. 3" dp.. ect ect)  sitting on the engine stand with my rywire milspec tuck/ conversion harness already on it. i have totally torn apart every nut and bolt from the whole suspension setup and it is all getting powder coated and all new bearings and hardware all oem honda stuff. ( woking at a dealer helps) . anyway i am stuck on where to get fuel lines for my whip. i got a new tank, pump, and sending unit but honda has discontinued the fuel lines for our model and year. i was thinking of going ss braided line but that is a last resort option. i was hoping i could find some hard lines.

so any one have a place or can find em lmk.. trust me i have searched and searched .. and thats how i got this far but i am stumped ..
thanks guys.

btw i am currently working on a build thread so i will link it.

I seen some people actually get some custom made to hide the fuel filter n fuel lines but yeah a lot pickapart place people take those lines. My friend with a dc couldn't find it new so he end going to a honda salvage yard paying 100 cause they knew he really needed it. R u going to hide the brake booster?

no i dont want old used ones or i would just reuse the onnes i have. i am not going as far hiding the brake booster just the prop valve. this is if i cant find lines and have to make my own. if i can find lines i will just keep everything int the stock location. i was doing some looking and i might  just get one of these chase bays kits..

keep looking put the chase bay on hold for now there are web sights with fuel lines on them  brand new check this first.

Have you tried Jegs?? look them up they have fuel lines i think around $67.00 if not i will keep looking for you. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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