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frist time doing this forum thing

Well i am 20 and i got my very first car from my dad its a 1991 Honda civic sedan dx i love it a/c works great everything awesome its just stock and i want to do so much too it like lower it but not too much and i need help with like suggests and whats the best lowering kit i should use and i need to paint it anyways im glad im here and hopefully some of you guys will help me out with my sedan thanks  Very Happy

Make some sedan pictures and post them here.
I am curious about the car man.
You can start with a megan coilover system.
Look @ my build topic and you will see the lowering set with result.

thanks bro i will take some pictures later today and i will also look into megan coilover system thanks for the welcome  Very Happy


Here she is, I will try to take some up close and personal pictures tomorrow. It's fully stock, let me know what you think.

bigmanny1017 wrote:

Here she is, I will try to take some up close and personal pictures tomorrow. It's fully stock, let me know what you think.[/u][/i][/b]

Really nice clean sedan bro, love the white ones!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome and looks good!

Congrats on finding such a good example of sedan.
Looks very perfect to me.

A score for sure

Already got some close up pictures?

Welcome looks like a good start.

hey guys sorry ive just been really busy with college and exams. And yess i have taken some close ups will post them tomorrow. i also need help if i should start working on the engine first then start worrying about a coil over system and new paint ill take some close ups of the engine tomorrow talk to you guys sooon   Very Happy

Hey Guys im finally going to buy parts for my car and i was thinking about a Megan Racing Coilover Sleeve Kit or  DME Suspension Rear Lower Control Arms and i really dont know witch one to get frist can you guys help me out

I use the megan coilover sleeve kit also.
For me this set is good enough.

Where them close up pix at bro?

Welcome to the site..  Very Happy

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