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Footrest ?

My 1988 Lx doesnt come with a footrest.
Can I install one on it ?
Is the mounting stuff there ?

Found this writeup by gnxpro24 on hondatech:

First you want to peel back the carpet under the pedals. As you see, there's a perforated outline for the dead pedal.

Next, take the perforated section of sound deadener out.

Then, hold the dead pedal (you can aquire on from a wagon, hatch, or crx) in alignment with the missing perforated section and use a permanent marker to mark where the bolt holes of the dead pedal are. You will want to cut the heads off of two 10mm bolts and weld a washer in its place. Grind the welds down flat as best as possible so the bolts sit flat on the firewall. Grind down the section where you marked the bolts desired location and tack weld all around the washer-head of the bolts. You want to tack weld then grind it down so the dead pedal can sit flat on the studs.

After that, grab some matching paint and paint over what you just welded.

Then, try the dead pedal and see if it fits properly.

Lastly, push the studs through the carpet and install the dead pedal for good.


nice. my CB9 has one and love it

I just got my deadstep from the junk yard not to long ago but i don't have welding tools so i'm probably going to use self tapping bolts or find some who will do the welding.

Nice! I can't weld, but if i could, i'd do this... Laughing  Laughing

Installed mine  Very Happy


damn your carpet looks fawkin klean  Smile

4dred6 wrote:
damn your carpet looks fawkin klean  Smile

Car only has 68,000 miles, and hardly ever driven in snow.. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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