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fog light install

hey guys i have a 91 civic ex i want to install fogs on them but dont know how or what to do so if you guyz have any advice shoot it my way i have the bosch holgen fogs (square ones) i want to cut the hole but dont know measurments
here is my 91 civic

here r my fogs
here is my car want to cut the hole for them

Well I try and help you out.

Are these generic Bosh fogs or are these actually for your civic? Do you have brackets?

Reason I ask is that for our sedans there is an outline on the backside of the bumper skin. They  are labeled for the Bosh and Stanley (JDM) fog. If you do not have brackets you will need to custom make yourself a set. Not to hard if your good with your hands and have tools.

You'll want to tap into the fuse panel box for the power. Find an open key on only power output. Fuse this circuit and run it through a relay and switch. Google it if you don't know how.

Heres a pic of the bumper skin backside if your dealing with a USDM or JDM kit that is made SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR YEAR SEDAN.

If the fog lamp dimensions are different then the outline it's going to take some extra work obviously.


thank u for the help, the bumber is that hard to take off?

The bumper is not that hard to get off. Its four 12mm bolts that are behind the bumper lights and then two screws on each side of the bumper in the wheel well.

ok thank you ill post pics and keep ya posted on how it goes

My 89 bumper is held up with 4 10mm bolts. Very simple to take off. Don't forget about the lower splash sheild 10mm bolts. Also there are 4 screws on the inner side of the bumper wheel well area. (2 per side)

Im about to do the same thing as well. Just dug up a brand new set of generic bosch fogs that my dad purchased in the 80's but never installed. They were just sitting in the basement covered in dust.

do all bumpers have the outlines on the inside of them for the fogs??

hey guys, so this is the inside of my bumper, correct me if im wrong but i dont see any fog light outline????

Hmm, looks like you 90-91 guys are out of luck. I'd clean the inside with a rag and look over it carefully. If nothing shows up it's time to break out the measuring tape and see what you can do. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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