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Fog Light Install - non JDM.

JOB: Aftermarket Fog Light/Driving Light Install
TIME: 8 hrs. approx.
DIFFICULTY: 2 (1: easy - 5: you should know you can't)
TOOLS: Drill, Screwdriver both types, pliers, Narrow tipped permanent marker, Black Duct tape, Electrical tape, a "New" utility knife with the long flexible blade, drywall cutting tool (works great on plastic), a grinding bit, angled screwdriver, Foam sealent to prevent vapor leakage.
Shop light its gonna get dark earlier, and alcohol...your using power tools man and sharp instruments,

Important Note: The bumper support will have to be cut into so that the lights will have freedom of movement to angle and position.
So what you see now is a partial installation. It will be very easy to spot where you need to grind or cut away at when you line up with the lights....Do this before you put the bumper support back on.


Lets start by removing the 2 screws that are by the wheel well, the 2 bolts that are directly underneath the bumper and finally remove the turn signal lights that will give access to the bumper mounting bolts. Once you get the bumper off, you will want to remove the 3 center bolts that are anchored to the bumper support.

Next, you will need to remove the bolt and screw that is underneath the grill. Be sure that you are putting all these screws and bolts in a container so you know where they are later when putting everything back on.
NOTE: The flat part of the bolt should go to the front side.

There are 2 philip head screws that are at both corners of the bumpers, remove these and the bolt that is mounted onto the bumper support. Put the screws back onto the small plastic alignment piece and put it aside.

Once you get all the bolts, nuts and screws off, your ready to remove the bumper support off. You will need to be patient if your removing it the first time aroud. The plastic straps that are "L" shaped have plugs that you can pull out from the support, this will aid in removal too. You will have to shimmy it until it just pops out. the reason I think is the 2 styrafoam plugs that were formed to the support.

OK, so now all you need to do is take one of your lights and slightly off center it going inward (toward the grill). Use the turn signal spaces as your guide. If you can remove the mounting bolt from the light this will aid your alignment, too. Next, take a good narrow tip permanent marker and draw your line around the framing of the light. Take your cutting tool and begin hacking the plastic off. I stayed at least 1/4" away from the drawing line so that I don't over do it...YOU ONLY GET 1 SHOT AT THIS or its all over. Once you rough cut the center of the template, take your utility knife and SLOWLY begin trimming so that you get a smooth line. Take your time while doing this...I don't want you to stab yourself or slice your finger off. I sat on the floor with the bumper on my lap for leverage, JUST BE CAREFULL....GO SLOWWW!!
Keep test fitting as you go.
Rinse, lather and repeat 1 more time for the other side.

Mounting holes:
I don't know if you will encounter this, but I got lucky as I used the mounting hole where the lip bolt would go. If you don't have this then just line up the light and draw a line down the center at the bottom of the bumper and drill a hole somewhat close to the center, maybe closer to the inside wall.

DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY!!! in case you forgot.

You need to hide wires and what better tape to use than to get black duct tape to hold the wire from the passenger side wire to the driver side. Plug the 2 leads to the double female connector which should be the longest wire in the set. The 2 grounding wires are just long enough to be used at the mounting holes that secure the bumper to the radiator support. I guided the lighting wire where the water tank is for the w/shield wipers, there's nothing preventing free movement in that area. I then routed it as close as possible leaving a good foot or so of length so that If I ever have to remove the bumper again I've got some freedom to move. I cinched the wire with zip ties underneath an existing line so that its somewhat concealed or you can go buy that plastic guide wire tubing to give it a more professional look. But this seems to work, too.

OK now what, well Honda knew we were coming to poke and prod so they put a direct connection into the firewall and covered it with this beautiful plastic plug. You will have to access it from the inside of the car. Get your head underneath the dash....Driverside dummy... and up to the top and left you will see a plastic plug poking from the firewall. Take your pliers and sqeeze it then take a screw driver and just poke it through the firewall, and WHALA! What I did was drill a hole into the plug so that I can run the wires through it. drill out the entire center so that the connectors will fit through.

Connect your lead directly to the Main fuse relay harness. The connector is exposed a little so wrap some electrical tape so that it doesn't contact with the hot wire that comes directly from the battery. Loosen the screw anchoring the coil which should be closest to the battery.

Next, mount its fuse relay to this wiring bundle with black tape and zip tie the wire going to the plug on the drivers along the way. I tucked it neatly and concealed it so that you don't see stray wires hanging around.

All that's left to do is pic your desired side to mount the switch. I chose the dash and one of the dummy plugs. Since the grounding wire was so short I just predrilled a hole into the body of the car so that you can mount that ground wire securly.

I had to basically hack the hell out of the dummy as this switch was a little too big, but I managed to get it to fit and it looks fairly decent.
Almost done. now just plug your connectors appropriately and secure the switch to the dash.
Finally I gathered the remaining wires and zip tied them to the under side of the dash to some wire bundle.

Double check your work
Remove all tools from the area.


start your car and test it. your lights should work.

Remount the bumper, just reverse the process...just be careful tuck your wire.


Looks good, I would suggest taking some vacuum hose, splitting it down the center, and line the edge of the cutout with it. Also, where did you get those fog lights?

Let me see if I got this one straight. You want me to line the cutouts (where the lights are) with the electrical vacuum hose???? I'm stumped or stupid..explain a lil more please.

I got the lights at Auto Zone...I bought the driving lights with the clear lenses as they had a more clearer lens and focus instead of the fogs as they disperse the light everywhere. I just took Yellow Stained Glass paint, x2 coats and hit both sides, then 2 coats of clear on the outside.


I'll post what tools I used too. It was all pretty easy to do...just time consuming...took me about 8 hrs to do.

take some vacuum hose, and split it down the length. It'll dress the edges and make it look more OEM, and not like you just attacked your bumper with a dremel.

I must be really thick..I just got mean engine.....hose. That is a great idea. I'll have to get a foot or two of that stuff. I should probably use some epoxy so that it stays put, too.

OK, the job is done. I've removed my bumper once again and took the bumper support off and hacked away at it until I ended up with enoughspace and to allow the lights to be adjusted.

pics? and did you do that dressing around the holes?

installed some today with my friend. i don't quite get some of the wiring part though. and i'm not too sure where the hole is under the dash on the driver's side for the firewall.. Confused

damm i was just thinking of that where to mount it on the bumper. came out nice!!!

I would recommend using the fog lights from a 88-89 prelude. Gives it more of a factory look without breaking the bank.

i may due this tomorrow with the autozone ones  if i have time..  do you have any more pics?
and where can i find the 88-89 prelude fog lights? i would love to get the OEM ones

The wrecking yard usually has a tonne, though occasionally they get put for sale on eBay for far too much $$

nice i would try to go today thanks for the info

i finally finish thanks for the info


Has anyone put diffrent bulbs in these fogs to make them brighter jw cause im wanting to do it to mine. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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