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Florida EF's

I have seen two of these EF's personally, cannot wait to meet up with them all one day.  I think the green one came from out west, but not sure. Dude drove it from there to Florida. That is one thing i will do one day, take the sedan to Cali.....and make stops along the way..  

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah he drove from WA to FL and back.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Yeah he drove from WA to FL and back.

I think he is still here... Those other two are from Orlando.

Green sedan is G-Man on this forum. You can find him by searching GGM. I believe he is from FL. Moved to WA last year and just moved back to FL?
I am subscribed to him on youtube and facebook.

A man who truly enjoys driving his car to the limit.

Nice, can't wait to meet him.. Love his build and the look.  Laughing

Gman and Killcam (purple hatch) stopped over here in Vegas for a visit. We did a cruise down the strip and chilled for a few. Great Guys. Truly passionate about these EFs. They both inspired my sedan friends out here to really enjoy and be more enthusiastic about there sedans. they have a video on his channel of the strip cruise they did with us as well. you guys should have a look.

^I can only hope to see your sedan in person man. Just know that any sedan that hits Vegas MUST link up with my sedan crew for a cruise lol. I Link up with ALL my sedan buddies and show them a good time ( to the best of my ability).

NICE! Like i said, i would love to cruise out west in my sedan one day.. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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