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Flood pics

Things have kinda settled down for a while out here before we being taking down the millions of sandbags needed to keep the river away. Here are some carnage pics of what happened to our shop. My 4 door came away with NO water damage at all. Luckily I was too lazy to take it off the jackstands in the front and thats what actually saved it. My buddies rx7 and coupe got some bad damage.

Ill post more as i find them.

wow that is crazy!

Damn, that would suck.

Lucky with the sedan though Smile

So, it flooded then it iced.. THAT SUCKS!

holy.... damn!!! Shocked

Sad  that sucks bad.

Shocked damn man, that's bad.

89civicracer wrote:
So, it flooded then it iced.. THAT SUCKS!

Yep. We got a blizzard before the crest of the river(highest point the river floods) and then a couple days after we got another bad storm. The ice next to the civic was about 2 inches thick.

This house caught on fire less than 2 blocks way from our shop. Fire department couldn't do anything so they just watched it burn.

Nothing like boating down a river to go anywhere.

Common site around town for a good 2 weeks

The neighbors across the street from the shop had 5 feet worth of water in their basement. $35k worth of damage and their wasn't any personal belongings in the basement. Its been a crazy 2 months. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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