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first car! help a newbie out =D

Hey all! greetings from Canada!
I just picked up a slick little deal on a 91 DX Civic. I was working this last saturday at the local Nissan dealership and this little old lady traded this civic in... personally I love the older japanese cars so I quickly took interest and before a different fellow could pick it up, I approached my boss with an offer! ($1800!)

so here I am with a white dx, partially clueless to what I got myself into (usually i obsess over cars... and then decide i dont have enough cash to purchase >.<)

the car itself is
a Dx special edition (automatic bleh)
- looks like the distributor was replaced, new alternator possibly, timing belt done at 95k
- body wise, there are a few spots that have been bondo'd and spray bombed.. (kind of crappy job to be honest)
- one fender is a bit bumped in...

other than that, from what I can see, hear, and feel.. its pretty clean unit.

so I know I have tonnes to learn... if anyone is willing to throw their opinions and advice my way I'd be happy to hear it!

apart of what I'm curious to know is
- costs of parts
- which brands should i be aiming for?
- where to look..

as far as this project is concerned I'm looking to finish off all the body blemishes,
- paint the strip piece around the car black.
- lower lower lower (but only for the summer...) (on this topic how hard is it to switch out coilovers?)
-rims= I dig those bbs rs
- take out the dash = paint black.
- shampoo and dye carpet black.
- front bumper replaced?
I was curious as to the two prevailing styles i see online...
the one with the more open look... like mine..
and the other style with the slots.. (which is more sexy imo)

different exhaust?

eventually I like the idea of swapping in a different engine...
but at the current state of having to pay for school... work on this car will take a while..

anyways i've rambled enough! thanks guys! looking forward to learning more =)
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Nice little sedan you have there.  I tried to get your pix to work but I fail.

When you're referring to the other style, you're probably seeing the difference in the 88-89 and 90-91.  Painting the trim pieces and moldings back to black is a great idea.  Black interior is also nice.  Coilover suspension is great.  Function n Form type 1's are good bang for the buck.  You can slam it in the summer and raise it for the winter.  Search around the forum for other ideas, brand names and such.  Looking forward to seeing what you make out of this sedan.  We just lost a nice white DX in Canada, would be nice to see another one take shape.

What other cars have you owned/built?

i'm wondering maybe it is the JDM bumper i keep seeing?

how do I use the image post option? can you see my flickr?

i'll definitely search the forums! already obsessed with making this car become something more.

I like the idea of making this car look a bit more jdm... but with a  really chill laid vibe to it..

heh, this is actually my first car. ever, i was originally intending to save up and get a 73' 240z and a forester for the winter... but i just couldn't pass up on this deal =)

so i'm pretty fresh, looking to get my hands dirty on this car and learn!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Got a picture of the bumper you're referring to?  Do the bumper lights wrap around?

the style on my civic
EF Sedan Enthusiast

That's just a regular 1988 or 1989 sedan front bumper.  Don't get me wrong, his sedan is awesome.  I got to see it in person a couple times.

oh awesome! yeah, from what I've seen from that whip... looks pretty wicked.

is it much work to swap bumpers? i suppose i could just search that up now that I know! Wink
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Not at all, however you'll have to swap out a few other things to make everything match.

aye i'll look into that before i make any moves,
first things first; got some nokians for $200! a steal, i'll be throwing those on asap...  i've been sliding everywhere x.X

Welcome it looks like you've good little sedan to start with there.  I also see you have good taste the 88 89 front bumper is much sexyer than the 90 91 bumper.

=D thanks!
my aim is to learn, but i want to do it right the first time!
which = research + browsing pictures after pictures to find what styles i like =)

of course I don't want to get caught up fully in the form > function...

since i'm fairly new to the mechanical side of things also are there any suggestions as to properly maintain this lil car?

I'm thinking i should grab a mechanic buddy and give it a once over to check for things..

timing belt needs to be done every 100k right? (and its more a matter of checking for cracks?)

ooh gotta get
- jdm water guards on the windows
- different mirrors
-clear sides on the front lights

Omg that is a very clean start!

thanks towlie =)

Nice car man. Its freaking clean as hell Forum Index -> The Intro...
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