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alarm guru

finding window visors

where the hell is everyone getting them?

If you look on ebay. There is a company selling them. Not sure how good the quality i know they use 3mm tape to get them on. They even got a company making a duckbill for the car too. Thinking about getting both of them visors for sure unless i find some real quality ones.

Every once in a blue moon oem ones come up buy good luck winning them.....

Here in San Diego Craigslist they sell the whole set for 45$ all the time =/

No idea where they get them from.
alarm guru

i never see them on ebay when i look, only for the hatch. think you can post the number for the ones in san d?

Here is the link to the craigslist ad


Says they got 88-91 window visors in stock for 45$ o .o Forum Index -> General Discussion
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