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Finally Boosted!!!

Just not the civic

Had to go grab some tacos after making the purchase.

It's a little more than i planned for my new daily driver but I couldn't resist it. Sorry for the crappy pics... Will try to take some better ones this weekend

I LOVE IT!!!!!! best part is its a wagon.... That is the car I have always wanted..... Nice find

Nice!!....I've been wondering where youve been looks like you were saving your pennies for somthing big congrats on the new toy.  Thats cheating by the way.

Lol! I know... But i can't lie. The pull of the turbo awd is sooooo nice!
Don't have many plans for it other than tint, new stereo, cat back exh, some rally armor mud flaps, and an hks ssqv  Twisted Evil   and maybe some 04 tails down the road...

Here are a couple more pics i snapped
Sweet factory MOMO and turbo gauge

Nice comfy buckets


Proper282 wrote:
The pull of the turbo awd is sooooo nice!

Makes me anxious to start working on mine already..

^Oh man... I envy you. Once you are under pressure your sedan in going to rock!

I was like say what he's boosting on the sedan!

This is even better Smile I would be lying if I didn't say I've considered getting a Subie.

Clean wagon. I like it. A buddy just got a 2011 wrx sti. Man that thing hauls and is a slick ride. Love the electronic adjusting shocks.

sick buy!! this front end is my favorite and the interior is way better looking then the sit.

Thanks... I have been looking at getting the sti grill and then throwing a sedan front end witht the wider fenders on it.

Looks like I've found myself another money pit lol!

To me it seems subie's hold their value pretty well. They always been just to much for me to afford Confused

Yeah they do seem to hold value... This one was just barely in my means right now... But I recenty got a pretty decent raise and it clears my payments for the subie, so all i have to worry about is the ins. And by early next year I will pay off my never ending snap-on loan and it's on lol!

But man! I only got 21mpg on the first tank! Lol! lost control of my right foot!

Im jealous but 21 mpg on premium gas ouch.

Those must have been fun miles Very Happy

My friend gets 29-30 in his 06 impreza. I'm not sure how you'll manage with the addition of a turbo, but once you get used to it mileage should be on the rise.

Yeah, I'm hoping it'll pick up a bit... Got 24 on this tank Smile

Greddy RS Bov is in the mail and looking at a N1 cat back... We'll see how it goes.   Twisted Evil

And let the money dumping begin LOL. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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